Summary of ‘Alternative routes to recovery by Dr. Satyendra Srivastava’ by Dr. Chittaranjan Patel.

On Saturday, 8th June, TISA members had a you tube liveChat with Dr. Sachin Sir and Dr. Sweta Madam.

The Coordinators had shared an article written by Sachin sir, about 7 years earlier.

The Article contained experiences of Ex-stutterers, who had made significant progress and recovery in their stammering.( Mostly without the help of intensive Speech therapy)

It was a good idea to discuss the article on a live Chat, so that many people could understand the meaning of the underlying concepts written in the article.

The article is a collection of quotes from various people, both male and female, from various social levels, and naturally all were PWS.

Analysis of the most common factors which they found to be help in the road to recovery is the central theme of this write-up.

Most of the people found ACCEPTANCE, as a factor which put them on the road to betterment.

When we as a PWS, say, stuttering is a non issue for me, I only stutter sometimes, and when you act to prove that everything is OK with me, I am a good speaker, these are the times that we are living in Denial.

When we live in Denial of our Stuttering, we don’t make real efforts to come out of it, and that delays our recovery. The Author himself admits, many times, that he has lived in denial for nearly 40 years of his lfe, and doesn’t recommend doing so.

With our Conscious and Subconscious Mind , we have to accept that we stutter.

(Just know that it is there. With a smile on your face, look at the mirror, love that person in the mirror and say “Yes, I Stutter“. Just accept it.)

Acceptance has 3 aspects.

1) Accept your Feelings. Shame, Guilt, Anger of not able to simply speak fluently, all are sometimes associated with stuttering. Confront and accept these feelings, honestly, put a Label on your feelings. Only then can one snap out of these feelings, according to the principles of Emotional Intelligence.

Denying these feelings and suppressing and keeping them deep inside our mind and heart, will make us a twisted person.

ACCEPT that stuttering is a condition of chronic nature and needs long term management. Don’t be satisfied with short term action and success.

Yes, be happy if you succeed, but remember this is like brushing your teeth, it needs to be done on a REGULAR BASIS.

Even actor Hritik Roshan openly admits that he practices EVERYDAY, till today.

Due to its chronic Nature condition, Stuttering will affects every aspect of our life. So we must accept that we need change in all aspects of our lives ( for example, our Thinking, the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us, even our hobbies, or even the kind of films or books we prefer, etc. Every individual should self introspect here, where and what he/she change.)

ACCEPTANCE of self-responsibility.

It is a common knowledge that no one can make you feel bad without YOUR permission. Similarly what we do or how we act is OUR OWN doing. No one is doing it for us, right?

When we accept this belief, then we start to search and try to become aware what we do, when we are stuttering. (Mirror practice or analyzing our own videos is a good way to become aware)

After all Stuttering is what we do, in order not to stutter.

Regular (Chronic) Practice helps us identify our secondary behaviours while we struggle in a block, and awareness will help us reduce this behaviour.

What we are as a person and what we have become(our nature, our behaviour patterns, our predominant emotions, our way of reacting to things) has come because of our behaviours associated with our stammering, and we can accept and take responsibility to change our behaviours in all aspects of our Life.

Courage is another factor which has helped a lot a people. Courage is not inborn, or some God given Talent. It is a learned and cultivated habit, say most of the people. Courage does not mean lack of Fear, rather it the ability to face your Fears.

We can face our Fears in small steps, like regular self practice, regularly meeting in SHG´s. Here Courage grows, which helps us facing other situations.

When we are aware of what is going on, only then we can modify or correct a situation. So, awareness is an important ability, a PWS must have.

Awareness of our Stammering be increased by practising voluntary Stammering.

A positive self concept and avoiding negative concepts of the World, helps us in recovery. We must be aware of what is going on in our mind, regarding Stuttering, and we do with our face, lips, tongue and body during block.

No one every gained from Negative Thoughts, and Positive Thoughts never did any harm. This helps us in coping with the ups and downs of Life, as life is never the same or monotonous.

Just Knowing is not enough, You must practice it Daily.

All the Best, and Happy Stuttering.

You can watch the Youtube Live video at Part 1 and Part 2

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