Hyderabad SHG Meeting 9th June 2019

This weekend SHG meeting took place at Aparna cyber commune, Nallagandla which was arranged by Jagadeesh. We started off at 10 am and finished it at 12:15 pm.

The participants(Nine in total) included were Aditya, Jagadeesh, Srinivas.K, Srinivas Gundala, Sharat, Vineeth, Silpa, Rajat and Venkat. Rajat and Venkat joined our meeting for the first time.

The activities followed as per agenda which we planned before.

1. Tisa rules explained by Srinivas Gundala and Shipla

2. Introduction round by individual participants which includes the most embarrassing situation/moment they faced so far.

3. Meditation for 5min which was guided by Aditya

4. Reading a paragraph from TISA magazine and briefing about it(3 minutes for each)

5. Played a Pausing exercise/game, Each person will be asked few questions as rapid fire but the person who is being questioned has to eat a peanut and after chewing and swallowing has to answer to the question. This helped to focus and taking a forced pause before answering.

5. Impromptu speech(2 mins for each)

6. Sharing experiences

Everyone shared their experience with the stammering journey they faced in different situations. It makes everyone to understand that all others faced similar problems. It’s fun, practice and knowledgeful session.

Report by : Venkat K V A

Post Author: Gundala Srinivasa Rao

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