Bangalore SHG meet up [07/07/2019]

Another pleasant morning at Bangalore and the same can still be felt as this post is being written after 2 days. So green, yes Cubbon Park is so green in all dimensions and it surely sets the cheerful mood right from the entrance and as we walk in to our meeting place.

We started around 10.30 AM when Mr. Joshua was still found enthusiastic about cracking humor in his style to the group. The meeting begins with our Introduction round followed by few questionnaire. Good to see so many questions coming up as it tells how we strive to understand each other better with every meeting.

Next we did a impromptu speech delivery round. Each individual was given a chance to confront the center stage and stressed to speak on some random topic, sometimes hard to speak about or explaining our perspectives otherwise. It becomes hard to focus on the speaker on the stage when the person of great charisma starts speeding towards us in the middle and pays us a surprise visit every now and then. We all know who am i talking about. ;-). There were so many questions bombarded and Dinesh with his ever green calmness tried his best to answer and enlighten his thoughts on speech and of course about life.

Next we divided the whole group into two and did a debate on “Pros and cons of Nuclear energy”. Quite a productive round with realistic ideas and thoughts presented by fellow ones.

Amit our co-ordinator concluded the debate and the meeting with a nice note of thanks.

Cheers ‘


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