Financial Transparency of Communication Workshop with Our Near & Dear Ones


Dear all,

The Ahmedabad SHG had received 10,400₹ total workshop registration fees. Rupees 1,200 given back as a refund amount (Refund for, those who has paid registration fees and they could not attend communication workshop)

After deducting refund amount, we had 9,200₹ due.

Rupees 9,080 was total workshop expenditure, the remaining amount rupees 120 will be used for Ahmedabad SHG meeting’s resources (mic and speaker batteries)

Have a glance on:

Sheet-1 (Registered Participants)

Sheet-2 (Refund Amount)

Sheet-3 (Expences)

Sheet-4 (Balance Summary)

If you have any query kindly reach out below number,

8320411482 (Ketul Gandhi)

8866286707 (Smit Panchal)

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  1. Dr Satyendra Srivastava 9 months ago

    Thank you, Smit and Ketul. These little efforts at honesty and open ness will make sure that tisa continues for a long long time… Best wishes to your SHG. Plan more such events.

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