After a long time, shg meet has been organized at central park in Jaipur. There were 3  attendees  on right time after that meeting started orderly as we planned earlier. Different thing was all the participants never seen one another before meeting so by this way start up took with self introduction round by voluntary stammering was not easy for all at first but after understanding all knew very well the role of stammer on purpose and yes pawan bhairwa arrived at venue around one hour later next round we were narrated the technique to which we preferes and helping us at most that was different for each one.

In next discussed about role of acceptance in a stammerer’s life as mhendra said without acceptance journey won’t reach at desired goal.

Like that all round were going right according to time. In story telling round all shared his best Intelligence story like naresh chose tiger and eagle story, pawan shared frogs competition story, mahendra shared lion’s care giver became habitat of earn on sarkas and now 5G modern time who will see sarkas.

In the last round was about stammering interview, wherein especially hard to face but any way made approach yet denial came at first, all despaired and any how dared for next and found best person who was doing physical exercise for pet exam and as per interview matter we asked all the questions talked More than 20 minutes he encouraged us all the best and by this courage we did 3 more interviews.

After all the round meeting went to conclude, really look was changed after meeting  and finally ended up the meeting.

wholeheartedly thanks to all the attendees.

I hope we’ll do best than this in next meeting.



Post Author: Naresh Parihar


    Mahendra Gadhwal

    (August 22, 2019 - 10:49 pm)

    Very good meeting…….And full of enjoy…Like to talk stranger man….And also other activities……l hope this type SHG meeting will arrange every Sunday…….Thanku team TISA

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