Bangalore SHG – October 13th 2019

Hi Folks, Karthik here. Yes, I am back to bug you with my writing. Just like every Sunday we had met, this week was a different plan a different version of it. All the special people in our Bangalore SHG gathered to cherish and learn from each other (Everyone in Bangalore SHG is special). This SHG was made special by calling all the SHG Seniors. The picture that you see below, is not a trecking group or a protest group. It’s our own SHG group with a whooping attendance of 23 people. One among the best gathering that the Bangalore SHG can have. This is not the start or the end. This can only get better going ahead. The bonding that people have with each other should be like the ones that Bangalore SHG had. In the year 2012 to 2014 the bonding that our SHG had was very special. We had a buddy system where every member is assigned a buddy member who will hold responsible for his buddy. He will ensure that his buddy attends the SHG every week, or doing practices everyday etc., The buddies will be changed every month. This developed a bonding between every member and the relationship was at a different level.

Coming to this week activities, we just had one activity 🙂 Yes. Just one. Self Introduction. That was the best part of it and everyone enjoyed the moments spent in nature’s beauty Cubbonpark. Just full of fun.

Ok Lets Start. When I was walking towards the hut, I saw few folks who had already started the Introduction. Many of them were new faces. The Enthu that team had had not come down even by 1%. It has been carried over all these years. We carried on, while people started joining in one by one. We were requested to walk out of the hut for sometime since the cleaning was going on. Many folks were joining in that time. Our special member Dinesh, came in like a Hero with a bag in hand. Guess whats in that bag? Snacks? Sweets? Wait till the end to see the surprise. We continued our Intro and all the new members had completed their Intro. Next was the seniors side. While the intro was going on, many folks were surprised to see such a big gathering in the hut and were just peeping in to see whats going on. One person showed interest and was standing and watching us. Joshua, the most brave person who carries Cycle chain with him all the time asked that lady to join if she is interested to know what is going on. Fortunately, she was a psychotherapist. She knew what was stammering and she participated actively in our conversations. She introduced herself and joined our discussion. By the way, Joshua is a multi-talented person who knows marshal arts and many self defence skills.

Every week we see Dogs come as a visiting guests. But this time it was a different animal. A Rat. Yes, a old rat which was not able to walk came inside the hut and was walking slowly. Every event in life happens for a reason and this was a new learning for me. Those who were afraid or was keenly seeing it, the rat stopped near them. The Rat stopped near the new psychotherapist, me and Dinesh. Since we 3 were keenly watching it. Others did not care and it did not stop. The lesson that I learnt here was when we see a problem and anticipate it, it will show up big. Else it will just go off. When we do-not bother about a problem, it just goes like another passing event in life.

Dinesh Intro was as-usual awesome, eye opening for many of our folks. During his sharing he pointed out that a person once told him “My Leg is paralysed, not my mind.” This holds good to each and every person reading this. Every thing happens by mind, only when our mind is strong, our life will be strong. Lets focus on getting our mind strong by reading good books, gathering knowledge etc., Everything else will fall in place.

It was our Joshua’s Birthday on Saturday and guess what? Dinesh had brought a cake, mentioning Joshua’s name and my name (My birthday happened recently). It was pleasant surprise for us. That’s the difference that Dinesh brings in every time. We cut the cake, and everyone got a small piece of it. Since it was already late, we had to end the meeting officially. Some folks also joined for Lunch. The Restaurant was at a walkable distance from Cubbon Park. Dinesh had come with his family and we had a good time.

I know this is a long story, I tried to shrink it as much as I can. Thanks for reading till the end. Below are the pictures.


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    (October 15, 2019 - 9:14 am)

    Awesome write up Karthik.

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