Do you remember the last time that you broke your promise that you did to yourself? Many times? Sounds familiar? This can be like you may be stopping in the finish line. You never know. Being consistent is boring. Agree. But it has its own advantages. I will take an example of Cricket thro’ out this article. You may replace this with your work, favourite sport or any area of your life which is not working or not working in the way it should be.

1. People will look upto you when you are consistent. When Dhoni or Virat comes to bat, we have some level of expectancy from these folks. Why so? There are many reasons, but few of them would be, they are fast run scorers, they perform well during pressure situations etc., The style of their batting is mesmerising. This is because they have consistently scored it in many match winner knocks. This was not done overnight or it is not a magic. They got this reputation because they have consistently performed and practiced to gain this place.

2. You gain self confidence when you are consistent. Do you think a cricketer can hit six right from first ball without any practice? Never. A person gains confidence and can know the styles only by spending sleepless nights by consistent practice. A stone is broken only when it is hit at a single place consistently.

3. You get focus on what you do, when you are consistent. When you do a task repeatedly you gain expertise on it and you tend to start focussing on other aspects related to it. Again example of Cricket. To play cricket, not just practice is important, but other related things like stamina, fitness, focus everything plays an important role. You tend to develop all these things when you are focussed and consistent on one particular subject and you would ensure that you are the best in what you do.

4. You gain expertise when you are consistent. Imagine you are a specialist in your field. When you do a task repeatedly you get expertisation in that and you can do with perfection and speed with consistently working on it. Dhoni or Virat are having hours of practice do gain this expertisation. It is not mere luck or overnight results. When you do something you would know where it would break, where it would work and where you will need more focus. With expertisation, you get paid well in your job. So try to expertise one area of your field, but know everything else.

With consistency in anything that you do, people would know you by that tag. Your life will become more easier and systematic when you are consistent. People become leaders when they are consistent. So choose what you want to be.

Let me know if you do-not agree to any of the above points. If you want me to write some specific topics that interests you, let me know and I shall try to write about it. Thanks for making it to the end.

With lots of Luv.


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