An interactive session with students

21st Oct 2019, Herbertpur, Dehradun:

Uttarakhand TISA group, conducted an awareness session for ‘Dip in Health Assistance (DHA)’ students in Herbertpu Christian Hospital today. Tisa was represented by Mohit, the group Coordinator, Sunil Nagila (who recently attended Bhopal NC), Sumit Srikoti- an old and active member; Jaideep, who is living with Autism and Sachin, a social worker. There were about twenty students, mostly girls, from different backgrounds.

We conducted it as a story telling session: we shared personal stories of courage and persistence. DHA students also shared how with great difficulties, they were able to enroll for this course. Some girls shared how they learned driving a scootie or a bike against many odds. Another student shared how she was able to study again after marriage and birth of a child. One male student shared how he survived a spinal problem- two months in bed and today he is doing everything. Every story was touching and transforming. We summarized by sharing the special issues that pws face and how one should listen to a pws. Jaideep, Sunil and Sumit did a little dance to inspire everyone. DHA students sang a devotional song for us. Later we had lunch and discussed how TISA journey has transformed us in so many ways.

By- Mohit (Dehradun)

Post Author: Amitsingh Kushwaha

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