Some years ago, a young intelligent man came and spent some time with me at Herbertpur. He had a ‘M Tech’and a lot more degrees – plus some stammering issues too. He learned the basic concepts and stuttering modification skills with great enthusiasm and speed- and then went back. Few days later I received an urgent email from him: Please remove that video from TISA blog..

I was surprised (Has he still not understood? Does he still want to hide?)- and I was irritated too. In a small place with poor connectivity, maintaining the blog was an ongoing challenge- and now having to remove a clip, which took me hours to put up in the first place?? In any case, his face was not very clear in the video clip and his name and other information (town etc.) were not mentioned anywhere.

But I removed the clip without complaining and informed him that I have removed it. I did it because PRIVACY of an individual is bigger than any TISA, any stammering awareness campaign. This is what idea of TISA is based upon: highest standards of ethical behavior every time and all the time. Let world not say that stammerers dont care, that they are indifferent to what others think and feel. Let us walk the talk and show to ourselves and to others that we can be our BEST selves here and now- not in some idealized distant future.

Recently a NC participant violated this principle. And TISA acted fast. Let us never take people’s privacy for granted. Let us not assume anything. Whatever we hear, see or photograph in a SHG, NC or any TISA event is a shared TRUST, is a privileged communication, which should be respected by everyone. If we want to grow as a movement, we must assure new members that their privacy will always be respected by EVERYONE in TISA. People will never open up if they have slightest doubts about it.

I would suggest two things for beginners:

  1. Whenever you share a picture on social media, take the written permission from people visible in the picture.
  2. Do not unnecessarily send unwarranted personal text/chat messages to female members of TISA. All communication should be pure with regards to self-help ONLY!
  3. Focus on learning and activities, rather than taking too many pictures and putting them online. Leave this task for the event organizers.

Let us make TISA like a family where everyone feels safe and valued.

~ Dr Sachin

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

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