05-Nov-2019 (A meeting where lots of stranger talk with just miss beaten by public)

On 05-Nov-2019 Arun Kumar and Afzal decided to arrange a stranger talk meeting. They both came from Sachin sir workshop and both are very excited. There excitement also take us to the where we just miss where we got situation when all the public want to beat us. That happened at last when we are near to close our meeting. Also we have small recording when situation happened but for security reason I want to hide it. That happened at last so we will discuss that at the end.  I also tried all the recordings to upload but there were some technical problem in site so not able to upload.

So there has been decided Arun Kumar, Afzal Khan and me (Shailender) will meet near by GTB Nagar metro station at 6:30 PM. I need to visit to dentist for root canal in same timing. So decided I will join them later. When I reached to them around 07:45 PM., they have done 3-4 stranger talks. Afzal Khan told me that today Arun Kumar doing stranger talk only to female. As I remember Arun Kumar has more phobia to talking to female as well and today Arun Kumar doing stranger talk with Delhi University female students. That was only confidence of workshop.

When I reached there Afzal Khan was talking with someone on call. Arun Kumar said he can’t wait more. Let’s do some stranger talk with someone. We both visited to juice shop where three females sitting on the bench. In start Arun Kumar not able to start. So first he ask address to the juice owner. Then he starting but all the females stand up and ready to move. Arun Kumar said excuse me but not one reply and start moving. Arun Kumar said excuse me around 5-6 times even louder every time but all females not giving attention. We both stand less than 1 metre and Arun Kumar was easily audible. Then we move to next bench where 4 students were talking in very high volume in which one female also sit there. Arun Kumar ask few questions about stammering and few finish the interview very quickly.

Later Arun Kumar said after 2 questions he was blank what question he ask. Then I guide him few interview questions few talk for 5-10 minutes how we need to start etc how we need to go in interview. Around 1.5 metre distance one female student standing. Upto that moment Afzal Khan also returned. Arun Kumar said lets do stranger talk to her. I told to him that may be she has listen our discussion. Let’s find another one. He said no I will never change the person. I will definitely to do to her only.

We both visited to her. Arun Kumar has fix line which he use to everyone in Hindi language. “I am Arun Kumar. I am stammerer. I want to talk with you for 2 minutes etc” said in hindi language. She was in big question mark in her face and told not understand. Arun Kumar again tell in different words. She again in big question mark and told us she not understand. Also said she don’t know hindi. Then Arun Kumar and Afzal Khan returning and said OK bye. Then I stop Arun Kumar what the matter lets talk in English. I take initiative and explain her in English language. Now she easily understand and also replying very eagerly. Also in starting I take her permission to record audio. I ask so many questions to her. In later Arun Kumar also said you take so long this interview.

In later we also find one male and one female is walking there Arun Kumar said excuse me very loudly and we did stranger talk to them also. Female was replying very eagerly every question. She was looking very bold in nature. At last Arun Kumar said them to give us few suggestions. The female said how we can suggest you as we know very little about stammering. Even you know must better from us how you can help them. Then I add to Arun question that we only want your suggestion how you can add up your views about how we can help them. We only take general opinion. They she give few good suggestions.

Then we move to inside DDA shopping complex and find few persons standing where we find few group of students standing. We did more than 10 minutes to them. In start we are talking but later we were silence they are talking more. They give lots of suggestions like remove fear from your mind. We all are fearless. Fear not even your problem that also our problem too etc.

Then we start rooming here and there. We find one ice cream shop Arun Kumar need to ask the females about one address but he start asking to to ice cream owner then Afzal also ask few address then walk up-to GTB Nagar metro station and ask address to many persons in middle upto reach there.

Then we stand in some distance and start giving speech very loudly. We also did video recording and many person sit here and there and that is pathway to visit for metro station and walking to Kingway camp market. Many persons standing and listen us we all take at least 5 or more minutes each to speak. Also we all speak very loudly as that is market place and we all stand in distance of atleast 2.5 metre each one. People walking also stop and listening us. We also change topic to speak like Arun Kumar take topic of Pollution and I took topic of advantage and Disadvantage of mobile.

Then we moved to find something to eat and say good bye to each other than Arun Kumar suggest let’s do one more stranger talk. They both are super excited and stranger talk are for them like eating almonds. Then we moved to GTB nagar main bus stop there is around more than 50 people standing and waiting for the bus. This was the last stranger talk for today. I and Afzal is standing on the bus stop and Arun Kumar stand on the road side where bus stop and all the places and sides people was standing in each of us. Even when Arun Kumar stand in middle of people he was standing less than 1 feet from few people. We took the topic of Pollution in Delhi and who is responsible. We took few points and make responsible to Delhi Government. Also examine that what steps taken by Delhi Govt is also effective or not like as per Delhi Govt that they distributed 50 Lakhs masks to public and Govt schools but as per Arun and me our both children study in different public schools. Mask not received yet up-to now. Also Delhi Govt proved that as per adds campaign by Delhi Government that in Delhi 25% pollution reduced. We discuss these things with each other but our topic reach from Delhi Govt to Kejriwal and when we finished and ready to move. One person start shouting to us that you did video recording and he is replying they all are your men and how dare you talking about Kejriwal etc. Even many persons also come in middle to supporting him. Then Arun Kumar and Afzal visiting to them and said we all are stammerer and and we all are practicing about stammering. We are not opposing and supporting any political parties etc. But all the men are very aggressive they are not listening to us. They all are looking like blind devotees of Kejriwal. Then one person come in middle and he said you all give very well speech and did hand shake to all of them and said slowly move from there. Then we quickly move from there.  Actually they all not listening to us when we are explaining to them why we are doing this exercise. Actually we did many times before too this type of activity in same bus stop.

Then we move to our destination say good bye to each of them. Its also a memorable experience to all of us. No matter good experience or bad experience. Matter only we do mistakes and learn from our mistakes and learn a new experience.


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1 thought on “05-Nov-2019 (A meeting where lots of stranger talk with just miss beaten by public)

    Amitsingh Kushwaha

    (November 7, 2019 - 4:10 pm)

    Congratulations Shailendra ji and Team. Stranger talk activity is very useful for us. In this activity we come out our comfort zone and talk with strangers.

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