Financial Transparency : Siliguri Communication Workshop

TISA Communication Workshop conducted successfully in Siliguri (West Bengal) dated 14th-16th 2020. Here we are sharing receipt and payment account of this event.

The Indian Stammering Association (TISA)

Communication Workshop – Siliguri (14th-16 February 2020)

Receipt and Payment Account

(As on 24.02.2020)

Receipt Amount (Cr.) Payment Amount (Dr.)
Opening balance from TISA fund 10000 Lodge for 3 days breakfast, dinner and stay (17 Participants) 32500
Registrations fees 33500 Google Ads and Facebook 1470
Donation 2500 Travelling expenses of facilitators 12169
Excess amount paid by TISA 139    
Total – 46139   46139

(Forty six thousand one hundred thirty nine only)

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