Fun, Productive and Interactive TISA SHG Meeting- Patna- 1 March 2020

Our Agenda

– Member Introduction

– Introduction of techniques

– Story shared by every member (Where they shared how they tackle difficult situation, His feeling on stuttering) – 3 minute

– Session by Anant (Recovered stammered) On Detailed discussion on stuttering strategies, smart strategies, Mental blocks.

– Number telling game (Inspired by SILIGURI WORKSHOP)

– Meditation session

– Feedback round (Where each member has given feedback of other)

– Meeting summary (Take away from today’s meeting)

– Stanger Talk

– Interview with Media person (News of Bihar)


Total Participants 8 – Prince, Abhay, Sachin, Mohit, Raju, Amrit, Anant, and Sunil.



A Get Together was held in Patna { S.K.Puri Park, Boring Road }.

It was one of the most productive meetings Patna SHG ever had.

The Meeting started with an intro round.

Then we discussed various techniques and its cons and pros.

We had Anant, the person who has recovered from stammering, and here he took the session and provided us many valuable lesion on strategies of overcoming stammering.

Then, As price and Rishi attended SILIGURI WORKSHOP, So we played number telling game where Mohit was a winner. Later, we discussed on importance of communication and acceptance.

Then we did meditation, which helped in calming our mind and body. It helped us in our breathing problem.

We then provided constructive feedback based on what are their strong part, weak part, and how to improve?

Then suddenly, one news channel has approached us for their news coverage- On Topic- Who is the best leader- Tejaswai Yadav and Chirag Paswan.

Participants showed great enthusiasm for it, and every member spoke in front of the camera.  It was a challenging moment for us. But with the right strategies and knowing what to speak, we all spoke very well. You can also watch our interview (we become famous now, haha). Also, the Lady reporter has asked our number and asked to come to their studio for the complete interview, as she was very impressed by this initiative (we heartfelt thanks to Dr. Sachin and team).

The meeting ended on stranger talk and a cup of tea, where we discussed how to make public awareness on stammering in Patna. Abhay will help with it.

That’s it from PATNA SHG.

Another meeting would be conducted within a fortnight

Thank you for reading.

The report made by Mohit and Anant.


Wait let’s look at some message of Prince (shared on WhatsApp)-

When coming from Chapra to Patna.

It was a roller-roaster decision for me, as two trains were going to Patna. I have to make a quick decision on which train to take. I  have to make decisions that which train goes to patna as train miss may lead to delay of long hours. Since there was no digital system available at the station, so I have to ask people about the train. And I did that. That’s a big achievement for me.

We stammer, tend to overthink, and which leads the situation to worsen. Which also affects our confidence skills.

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Post Author: Mohit Kumar

I am Mohit Kr. born and bought-up in Patna. I have completed my BCA from Gwalior. Presently Working in a Digital Marketing Company based out in Patna. TISA has been my family from 5 years. I believes that every stammers need to explore the undiscovered path of stammering. Try everything but do what your heart says. I am truly passionate about finding new ways of living a happier and blissful life.

2 thoughts on “Fun, Productive and Interactive TISA SHG Meeting- Patna- 1 March 2020

    Satyendra Srivastava

    (March 3, 2020 - 8:37 pm)

    Patna group has done it! Wow!
    Journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step… Friends keep marching together..

    Arun G

    (March 10, 2020 - 10:43 am)

    A good initiave Prince -keep going on.

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