My one decade with TISA – A journey of learning…

I joined TISA on 9th August 2010 and now completed a one-decade of an active relationship with TISA. A Journey who gives me wings for fly, An organization that supports me as a family and encourages me to live ourselves on your terms. Here I am sharing my one-decade learning and their outcomes freely.

  • The concept of Acceptance is really a game-changer of my life. It prompted me to accept ourselves in a positive way, where fear, shame, guilt is not significant. I had begun living with acceptance and it was changing my life.
  • Before joining TISA I had felt alone. I participated in many communication workshops, 5 national conferences, and also organized 2 communication workshops and 1 national conference in Bhopal last year. These events have developed leadership quality, how to bargain to hotels, how to manage and host an event, and of course, increased my knowledge and communication skills.
  • TISA provided me with opportunities to explore new places and connect with new friends and people. During this decade, I visited North to South, East to West via trains’ sleeper class to flight. It assists me to know about our country, its culture, and diversity.
  • I realized that stammering is not a barrier in my life. Actually stammering gave me a golden chance to understand and discover the diversity of life and enhance practical knowledge of honest communication. TISA developed me stutter to be a skillful communicator.
  • I have found out some tricks and tips on how to book a confirmed ticket on the train and how to reserve the cheapest ticket on the flight.
  • We are changing ourselves but by acting. No one could change you, No one can initiate for you and no one can do for you. If you begin your journey of transformation other people will support you. Thus, You are the only right person to change you.
  • Motivational thoughts and videos are good, but it does work, only when you start work and complete it.
  • I met numerous people who stammer and listen to their stories and personal life experience. Many of us are not trying to initiate a sound relationship with our father. Some of the friends blame the father for their stammering. But this is not truthful, our father is not responsible for our stammering. Then, accept the father as a person. An individual who is free to live life on his own terms and holds the right to make mistakes. Father is entirely not for carrying out our dreams and ambitions.
  • Practice makes perfect. Merely do not try it inside the room and alone. Come out and practice it publicly with strangers.
  • Do not stop yourself to fulfill your hobbies and aspirations. Stammering is not banning us to do anything.

~ Amit Singh Kushwaha. 

Post Author: Amitsingh Kushwaha

4 thoughts on “My one decade with TISA – A journey of learning…

    Vishal Gupta

    (August 9, 2020 - 11:46 pm)

    Your are an inspiration for all of us. I can related with all your words that TISA gave us a boon to redefine our stammering and let go all negative thoughts.

    Many a times people ask “how acceptance can change our life” so now they can read your above words and can easily get the core and the real depth.

    Satyendra Srivastava

    (August 10, 2020 - 6:56 am)

    Amazing, comprehensive. Covers every aspect of what tisa is doing. A big thank you Amit!

    Manoj Dalal

    (August 10, 2020 - 5:41 pm)


    You are indeed a true and an honest soul.

    Your management capacity was well experienced when you,so very well organized the national conference last year.

    Everything done was perfect.

    Wishing you all the best

    Kind Regards

    Manoj Dalal


    (August 12, 2020 - 1:53 am)

    Amit, well said, you are very lucky you join TISA and get benefit. From my childhood I also face same issue and at that time no TISA, I am talking about 1980-90. I struggle a lot but somehow get my path and recovered almost 90%.

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