Hangout Feedback from Krishiv

How have hosting hangouts changed you?

Confidence boosting:

Hosting hangouts sessions at The Indian Stammering Association gives one the confidence in public speaking and leadership in front of an audience of 10-15 members. 


As a host, you are a leader who takes in charge of making sure our fellow PWS get an opportunity to express themselves. Being a leader, you are also responsible for engaging the audience and bring them in a flow. The act of taking the initiative, especially for a PWS is a courageous act, an important trait of a leader.

Learn from stories:

Each participant’s life experiences and stories are unique to them. It is an exciting opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences. On one of the hangout sessions, I got to learn about Vipasana meditation. That conversation lasted the entire hangout session. Great platform to learn from such intelligent people.

What should participants do to make the hangouts better?

That’s a good question! From my experience, participants must be:


Often, participants join a session and leave halfway through the meeting without informing the host by writing a message in the chat section. Participants must attend and contribute throughout the meeting. This indeed also boosts the morale of a host, indeed motivating them to host sessions more frequently with full enthusiasm.


Finding a quiet place is a good idea to avoid external disturbances. It is advisable to make sure they switch on video while delivering their speech to make eye contact with the audience even though it is a virtual platform, should be treated as a live event.

Become a host:

Keenly observe experienced hosts in each meeting and notice how they execute their communication and leadership effectiveness. After attending a few sessions, they must host hangout sessions to improve their skills. You will notice a significant transformation in their communication and leadership over time. Remember it is a long-term game and hosting hangout sessions is a part of your self-improvement journey. You should host with a mindset of personal development and contribute to society in any way you can.

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1 thought on “Hangout Feedback from Krishiv


    (May 13, 2021 - 4:25 pm)

    Truly said by Krishiv, we learn a lot through these TISA meetings. Every time I attend TISA meet, I learn new words and, most of the time someone shared his thoughts on a particular topic so well that I research it a little which increases my knowledge on that particular topic.

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