06-Sep-20 – First meeting in corona time

First I will clear that this is not the formal meeting this was casual meeting planned to meet Arun Kumar before he is posted to Leh.

On 05-Sep-20 Mr Arun Kumar called me but due to urgent work in office I was unable to received the call of Arun Kumar then on 06-Sep-2020 Mr Arun Kumar again called me that was again I was not able to receive his call but that time I call back him after half an hour then he told me that he and Afzal Khan is meeting in Kingsway camp or Mukherjee Nagar for SHG meeting in 2 hours. First I try to avoid him but later I agreed to join for meeting. Due to so many work in home I reach there later time. This is first meeting in corona time due to only because Arun Kumar when came in Delhi in his leaves we meet at least once. So we convert our meeting in a formal SHG meeting. Arun Kumar is army man and available in Delhi when he got leaves.

We meet in Hudson Lane Park near by GTB Nagar metro station. We first do casual introduction with each other. After that we started formal SHG meeting and we all stand in a 2 to 4 metre distance with each other. We did meeting in rounds. Our first round was formal introduction with voluntary stuttering in which we all did one by one voluntary stuttering and full introduction.

Our Second round was we need to try to manage our stammering and give introduction for at least 1 minute then in next 2 minutes another person will ask question about his intro and more details. In which every body need to manage his stammering.

Then we did third round. In our third round we did tongue twister round in which every body need to speak atleast 3 times any three tongue twister in the camera. In which we all getting problem to speak properly due to difficult words and repeating words frequently. Many times we need to memorize problem or need to watch again and again in middle of recording of camera. Also few moments we got nervous in front of camera.

Then its turn of fourth and final round in which we again do tongue twister round but now there is twist. The tongue twister will be choose by another person for you but here is life line for every person which is the tongue twister which another person will choose will give you one choice of two separate tongue twister which you choose you have to speak. But here one more condition we put that when we speaking tongue twister we can’t see tongue twister means we have to memorize the tongue twister. We gave 5 minutes to everyone to memorize the tongue twister.

Then in the final round first I speak. I memorize it in my 5 minutes and speak slowly so many times easily. I remember that I speak more than 5 times very easily in slow sounds but when I got chance in front of camera and loudly as we all stand in distance of more than 3 metre. I got very nervous due to I getting so much problem to speak properly due to may be the words I was speaking repeatedly in tongue twister I got struck so many times and when I was speaking all those pressure coming in my mind and I feel difficult to speak properly. I remember I was trying my level best but all my practice looking no help.

Then next turn of Afzal he also struck so many times also forget the lines or words of tongue twister as nobody can see the lines in middle but somehow he completes his tongue twister. We all are getting struck only because when we did third round we all choose easy tongue twister and we all speak easily but when we choose tongue twister for our partner we choose really difficult tongue twister and we all getting difficulty to speak.

The last turn was Arun Kumar. When his turn to speak he forget so many words or lines of tongue twister so many times. Then we gave him 5 more minutes to memorize but can’t allow him in middle to see the tongue twister then anyhow with difficulty he complete his turn with all difficulty. This round make nervous to all of us. After that we finish our meeting after few discussions.

Post Author: Shailender Vinayak

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