Mind @ Pandemic

Who had imagined that this year would be like this? There was a astrology show in the start of the year, where astrologers said this is going to be a best wonderful year and people will be very happy and there will be lot of money with everyone. Actually this all happened. People are happy with family and @ home, since they are not going out, lot of money is in their hands (ofcourse the white collar jobs).

Just like others, when work from home was made a new norm, I was very happy only to know that life really sucks being at a single place. Being at home all the time, I am glued to the computer and I tend to focus more on work and worries. The daily norm for me was to work the whole day and not do any other activities. The price that I had to pay was gaining extra weight, red eyes and tiredness all the time. Only when one day, I was awakened that I am not doing what I wanted to do in life. I found that I am going into my newly created shell, deeper and deeper and isolating myself from the external world. So what next has become a big question for me. Rather than asking, How did I get into this shell, I am now making time to come out from my shell.

The mind does not keep quiet. Specially during this pandemic, when we have a home office, our mind finds time to keep itself extremely busy to worry about the stammering. Hoping, I will use this pandemic to enrich myself with good knowledge and good skills. I have planned for certifications next month and I am engaging my mind to worry on some constructive things.

Live life fully. Its is your life. Make it a great story.

Post Author: Karthik Rajagopalan

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