TOPG (Tisa online practice group):
TISA conducted a two week online intensive practice group, focusing on use of techniques in different situations and developing communication skills through meaningful tasks (consumer survey, cold call, stammering interviews, Presentations, Ex-tempore, Hosting a hangout, cultural activities etc.).
Out of 35+ participants, following individuals completed all tasks, and have successfully completed this session-

1.Awadesh Pratap Saraswat

2.Ankit Singh

3.Hemant Goyal


5.Nirmal Gautam

6.Sunil Chaudhry

7.Vijay Raaz

8.Narendra Indlia

9.Natwar gaur


we congratulate them and wish them well. We hope that they will continue to display same commitment and grit in the time to come.

Thanks again you all guys, you posed your firm discipline and commitment throughout the two week session.



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