Virtual SHG meeting in Nagpur

TISA has organized its second virtual SHG meeting in Nagpur on February 27, 2021. The meet was attended by Nikhil Iyer, Harshal Ponde, Sagar Aware, and Rohil Zalke.
The meeting was hosted by Rohil Zalke, and the agenda was as follows –
1) Introduction using any technique
2) Extempore speech
3) Talking about our hobbies and how they improvised our life
4) Talking about a funny incident in our life or a joke

During the introduction, most of the participants used bouncing techniques. And they said that they are using it on a daily basis now.

The extempore speech round was a little challenging, It was not only for communication skills but also for listening skills. If a person completes his/her speech the task was that they can ask any question related to their speech to any person. The question we’re asked in such a way that if a person was attentive, then he/she could answer the questions. It turned out that all people in the meeting were attentive while the speaker presented their speech. I guess all PWS are great listeners.
In the third round, everyone talked about their hobbies and how they used their hobby to get out from the everyday chaos. Like Nikhil told us that he does his hobby which is singing to practice mindfulness. In this round, we learned the importance of hobbies.
In the final round, we had to tell few jokes, the purpose was to end the meeting by feeling happy and satisfies.
~ Rohil Zalke (Nagpur)

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