TOPG Review (3)

For the sake of ongoing learning at organisational level, we are conducting an internal review of TOPG. This is third in the series, contributed by Allwin Dave, a faculty with TOPG:

What has been your unique contribution?

I try my best and see to it that evey candidate in TOPG is comfortable and learns to manage his/her stammering by the end of the course. I dont care about timings. Even if the session goes beyond 9.00 and many times in last and current TOPG the session had extended till 10.45 as well. I enjoy talking with all the candidates. They have so much to tell. There is so much even I can learn from them. At the end we are helping each other in managing our stammering. Some of the candidates message and call me personally if they do not understand any core task or not being able to manage their stammering. I am no big deal, I just tell them what they are being told by other faculties. But they feel very nice from inside and motivated. This in return helps me too in building my confidence.😊

You experienced it as both Participant and Faculty. What is the difference?

As a participant for TOPG I considered myself very lucky to have found out about an organisation known as TISA and their course TOPG.
I remember I was was so nervous the very first day of introduction. I was asked funnily why was I late? Was it because I have having tea or making one. That cooled me down but I could not give the answer as I was fumbling. Later, I gave my introduction with full blocks and fumble only to realise that the entire faculty and other participants cheered and encouraged me on this. I sensed I was in the right place. The core tasks were like different species of shark fish. The only way I could save myself from it was by completing it on time. The calling task to TISA members , ex TOPG, Strangers and customer care people was helped me in controlling my anxieties. I enjoyed core task 19 very much which dealt in panic associated with stammering.

As a Faculty I am considering myself more luckier as I consider TOPG as my purpose of life. Its like giving back to the society. I enjoy each and every session, the feedbacks, the interactions with participants and so on.

The faculty consisting of Shri Satyendra Srivastav ji and Shri Suraj Rajpurohit ji who showed immense confidence in me I shall always be grateful. Also other faculty colleagues like Shreya ji, Chinmay ji, Subraneel ji, Arun ji and Naresh Parihar ji are fun loving people themselves and it gives me an opportunity to work with them and learn from them.
I get to know so many PWS. While training them , I train myself and learn so many different things from them. Every participant is an unpolished “Jewel” which comes to TOPG. I try my level best to coach them. I give out my everything to these participants. When they walk out of TOPG I want them not to feel embarrass about their stammering and never hide it. 😊


There is no major difference. As a participant my whole aim was to learn. As a faculty again my whole aim is to teach and learn. Want to give my 100 percent. 😊

Two suggestions for future..

Ans. Currently I feel everything is going perfect. But in future if there is a need for a change, then will let you know. It is said that too many chef’s spoils the dish. So similarly, too many complications might spoil the entire essence of TOPG. 😊

Let it remain as it is for now.😊

TISA and Sachin sincerely thank Allwin for his valuable inputs and commitment.

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