The Girl In Green Gown

It was Tuesday evening, after many days of an extreme heatwave, Nagpur city finally witnessed its first rain of 2022. The rain continued for almost 2 hours, there was a cold breeze. It was a perfect evening to hang out with friends, we decided to meet at a restro bar after our office. We sat […]

L…L…Lets Talk About S..S..Stammering

Have you ever seen a Person Who Stammers (PWS), from outside you might feel weird about them, but for PWS, the feeling is equal to hell, while being in a block, from the top of their hairline to the bottom of their toes, they froze. And they have no idea what is going on with […]

“Today, I want to share a very interesting story. I m Pratik Ranjan Yadav from Uttar Pradesh. I have completed my Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Manipal University. I am 25 right now & also a proud stammerer.My stammering got severe from 6th and that is the time when people started bullying me and calling […]