Mumbai SHG – Office, YMCA, Mall

Office in Sakinaka Minutes of today’s saki naka shg – We straight away got down on the chair with each one of us expressing themselves in their own tailor made office /business situation. After that we moved on to some basic voluntary blocking exercises by doing some observation and role play. Thanks Prashant, Anthony and […]

धिस इस माय स्टाईल..

मेरी बेटी स्वरा भी हकलाती है. बचपनसे. ओव्हर्ट है. मैने मेरी तरफ से उसे मै समजाता हू. बहुत बाते करता हू उससे. उसका सून के लेता हू. बडे प्यार से. कभी कभी एक वाक्य बोलने के लिये वो पांच मिनिटं से ज्यादा समय लेती है. फ़िर भी मै उतनी ही सहजता से उसे सूनता हू. […]

When the time is right.. by Shanti K.

“When the time is right, everything falls into place,” my life at this moment echoes this sentiment. A couple of days ago, as usual, I prepared the content of a presentation but allowed my collegeue to present it because  I was terrified that I would stammer. This incident awakened the guilt in me that I […]

Borivali SHG Meet Update

By Hitesh Punjabi  Today’ borivali SHG Meet Update… Today we were 4 people Frist we had an Introduction Round… Where we Introduced ourselves & spoke about how TISA helples us in our personal life… (video is provided) Next we had an Intresting Interview session…. Where there was a Mock Interview Later on we had an […]

The Ghatkopar SHG meet

By Rayumand Yazdani So today we had the shg meet at Ghatkopar coordinated by Dhruv Gupta.. We were 4 people in total, we initially started with the introduction section, Each one introducing themselves. Later we moved on to the bouncing technique in which we practiced bouncing by making up a story ourselves( story about a squirrel […]

Being objective about our stammer

At SHG today, we decided to fill out a similar grid to: 1) help us look at our stammering in an objective/neutral way 2) see how we are improving, or how we could improve 3) have a common language at SHG with which to talk about our stammering, share Here are the different types of […]

Mumbai SHGs 6/11/2016

We followed the TISA SHG Manual and conducted the 1st session. We will wait to hear back from participants and see how they feel about the session in a few days, and a week when their ‘home assignments’ are due. If you’re in Mumbai and you stammer…and you’ve never been to SHG..there could never be a better […]

NC 2016 Financial Transparency

Dear All, In the spirit of TISA’s transparency, we wanted to share the NC 2016 Financials. Please see google sheet – Bank_Account_NC_2016_Details. Basically, we brought in INR 427,475 due to the NC. We spent, INR 410,832. Hence, we have a balance of INR 16,643. One NC participant caught dengue a few days before the NC, hence he […]

Super Sunday SHG in Mumbai!

Hey everyone, Though I don’t like writing, but I am really excited to write this post on our super last Sunday SHG meeting. It was special, not only because it was International stammering awareness day but also because it was planned in a place where I am actually planning to retire and spend my old […]

Mumbai SHG

Hi everyone! We wanted to announce Mumbai Self-Help Group (SHG) meetings this Sunday Nov 6. At Sanjay Gandhi National Park from 11 am – 1 pm (please meet sharp at 11 am next to the entry ticket counter, if you are going to be late please call/msg Nikhil 9821751773). At YMCA Ghatkopar from 2:30 pm […]

TISA NC 2016

Here is the agenda for the National Conference: AGENDA Here you can find the Detailed Agenda. Follow this post for NC Blog Updates! Day 1 begins… 🙂

Interviewing Activity @ Ghatkopar (Mumbai) SHG

At the beginning of the SHG, some students from G N Khalsa College interviewed all of us for a project on stammering. They will be making a video and will share it with us.  We started the meeting with: Rounds of Introduction (15 mins)  Say your name Then say your name with the following:  Few slow bounces […]

PEOPLE WHO BUFFER playing June 25 & 26 in Pune

“Who am I? in my own words..” Hey friends, the event went very well. Dhruv and other friends may perform this play during NC, for those who did not get to see it in Pune! Stay tuned… PEOPLE WHO BUFFER Theatrical Stories by Stammerers  Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th 6 – 8 pm […]

Mumbai (Ghatkopar) SHG #115

Today we screened the DVD of Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam. Trailer. Buy it:  This movie truly encapsulates what it feels like to grow up with a stammer. Recommended watch for all stammerers and their community (family, friends, colleagues).  Next Mumbai (Ghatkopar) SHG:  Date: 30 Feb 2016  Time: 2 pm – 4 pm Venue: YMCA, near Municipal […]

Mumbai (Ghatkopar) SHG #114

Hello Guys, My name is Harsh Lakhani, a proud stammerer. I would like to share my experience of first day in SHG Ghatkopar meeting. I was very nervous and at the same time excited to meet new people. we started with some fun activity playing basket ball, trying to get ball down the net. It […]

Mumbai (Ghatkopar) SHG #113

Blog with experience-sharing coming soon…by new member of Mumbai SHG What we did in brief: Self-intro slowly, just saying name, occupation, and hobbies with eye-contact and smile What is stammering? Why do we stammer? What do we want to change? And the steps to change. We referenced this video by Dr. Sachin: Change 3 Principles […]

My thoughts on stammering

Hello Friends, My Name is Nikhil Iyer. Right from the age of 10 yrs, I have been stammering. But instead of looking at it as a problem we need to treat stammering as our friend and move on with it which will remove the fear we are facing because of stammering. I joined TISA at […]