I am Binu, and I am a Stutterer

Hello, I am Binu and I am a stutterer. Hmm … That felt funny. Even though I know for a fact that my personality, my thoughts, my choices have been mainly influenced by the dreaded stammering, this is probably the first time in my life that I have introduced myself as a “stutterer”. It was always […]

My journey 8

Hello friends , hope all of you are fine and doing well in your life. I am writing after long time approximately 1 month . In this one month , i got some amazing ideas about how to live more freely and happily . The secret of happiness which i found in last one month […]

When the time is right.. by Shanti K.

“When the time is right, everything falls into place,” my life at this moment echoes this sentiment. A couple of days ago, as usual, I prepared the content of a presentation but allowed my collegeue to present it because  I was terrified that I would stammer. This incident awakened the guilt in me that I […]


Sir, This is Vimal… Remember? I met you in that workshop? As I climbed this little trail uphill, near Kotabagh (Haldwani), after a 300 km drive, my first reaction to this phone call was a little irritation (Why cant people just email me?) – but then, it is always fun to catch up with old workshop […]

Commonwealth Meet!

We met at a restaurant in Herbertpur to celebrate first day of the New Year, 2017! Ravindra, Raghavendra, Shubham came from Dehradun. Surendra from Vikasnagar; Pawan, Parmanand, Sunny and self from Herbertpur. Sunny came with his guitar. We laughed, joked, sang, did some role play- on the whole, we had great time- almost three hours- […]

dog leash

My Stammer Personified

One of my really good friends and Person-Who-Stammers (PWS) suggested an activity that was all about creating a short story of your stammer as if it were a person/friend/pet under the activity name “Stammering Personified”. Well, frankly speaking, at first it seemed a little ridiculous and childish, but after being open minded, it opened other […]

Acceptance – Rising Above Stammering

     Many PWS have asked or have been asked about acceptance of stammering. What is acceptance? How to accept my stammer? Many have also wondered why have I not yet found true acceptance.      I myself have been very much attracted towards the concept of acceptance stammering, but have frequently asked myself have […]

Big leap From Vishal Yeole…

(Challenging meeting at home town!) Hi everyone, As I declared to arrange 1st ever shg meeting at my home town chikhali, dist Buldhana, Maharashtra on 29th oct. We met 3 pws and 5 non-pws. So we started with introduction round where everyone had to tell his name, address, mb no, family, job,etc. Then we did […]

Young minds…

I had an invitation to talk about discrimination and diversity to a group of students doing Diploma in Health Assistance, in the local hospital. After initial hitch, which technology almost always throws at you tauntingly – we were off to a good start. Multimedia was working. I introduced the theme quickly in a few lines […]

People with disabilities?

Recently some one has given the PWD a new name: Divyang. Interesting. While doing a recent study about livelihood options for PWD in the hills, I came across a riddle: While GOI offers positive discrimination – 3% reservations for PWD in all services, barring Andhra Pradesh, few states report full utilization of this quota. Why? Why […]

A day from the past

When I was in 9th standard, There was a story told by my class teacher. I remember the traces of it but will try to tell in my own words. The story goes like this…. There was once an old man who lived in a city. He lived in a very posh area. There lived […]