Accounts 2016-17

Total Receipt (Donations) from 16 Dec 2016 to 31 March 2017: Rs 171175.7
(from Vaastu Social Foundation: 159890.7 )

Expenses (16 Dec 2016 to 31 March 2017):

Office Rent (2 mo) 6000
Website Translations 18011.5
Travel 19299
Communication 2868
Miscell 2604.5
Total 48783

Balance: Rs 122393

We sincerely thank Vaastu Social Foundation for hep with fund raising.

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Accounts Apr 2017- Oct 2017

Balance B/F : 122393
Total Receipt (Donations, Interest) from 1st April 2017 to 24th Oct 2017: Rs 3929/-
Total: Rs 126322/-

Expenses (Apr 2017 to 24 Oct 2017):

Communication 14303.17
Office rent 24000 For 8 months
Travel 24706
Hindi Translation 10000
Website hosting etc. 8982
Miscellaneous 3831
Balance to Natco 40500
Total Expenses 126322.2

Bank Account (PNB, Dehradun) closed on 24th Oct 2017
We sincerely thank all the donors including Vaastu Social Foundation .

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Please Note

We will be sharing details of the Bank account in Goa soon. We are closing the one in Dehradun. If you wish to donate, please feel free to send an email to the National Coordinator (Harish).


Volunteering Opportunities

If you can translate self help material in regional languages, or convert them in podcasts, please get in touch. If you are good at animation, you can produce animation stories (based on Seven stories, Izabella etc.). Let us know, if you have any such creative ideas after looking at resources.


(TISA participating in World Disability day in Vikasnagar in 2008 – link)

Self-Help Remains Free

While TISA will continue to offer its services for “free” as a sewa always, your donation – however small – will help us to reach out to a larger group of people. We want to do many more Communication workshops, more events to tell people and children who stammer, that they are not alone and a lot can be done on self-help basis, more translations and media production for a wider audience etc.

An Association

TISA is an online self help association of people who stammer.

You can also help by sharing other resources: your time and inspiration above all. By helping as volunteers – listening, peer counseling, helping in organising / setting up self-help groups and other events; reading posts and leaving encouraging comments; translating our posts and other media (like TISA self help manual) in regional languages; inviting us to your school / office to facilitate an open session on stammering and what can be done about it by society etc. No end to your creativity and positive impact on someone. Get in touch if you have such an idea..

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