You have a child who stammers?

Listen to the child, Practice what you preach

Teach by Example

As of now, there is not very much by way of therapy which could be given to a child DIRECTLY. But dont panic. You can still do a LOT- and the child may have a complete recovery too. Chances of recovery is highest among children- that is, before psychological changes take deep roots in our personality. A useful principle is – keep an open, accepting atmosphere at home, where any topic can be discussed, including stammering, without embarrassment, shame or fear. Your attitude to stammering is absorbed by the child too. If you find it “frightening”, child too will be scared and try to hide it. If you can take it as “no big deal”, child too will learn to deal with it calmly.

Accept, Learn, Discuss

Don’t treat stammering as a taboo. Also, dont allow teasing at home and school. Talk to the teacher / Principal. Instead of asking child to slow down, it is better for adults and other siblings to slow down ie. demonstrate the behavior rather than demand it, from a child who is already trying to do her best. For more ideas read these detailed suggestions from Stuttering Foundation of India: Hindi (Link). Read other resources above too: a well-informed parent or sibling is the best support for a CWS. Finally, also consider, what do you achieve and lose in the process, when therapist and the family “encourages” the child to adapt a new manner of talking, a new way of looking at “talking”? What does the child gain and lose? Here is a parable to think about


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