Mumbai SHG – April 29 2018

Participants: Rajesh, Sandesh, Siddhant, Dhruv

Introductions were shared as people trickled in..

Recite a poem: Then we recited a poem that we found on our phones. A few poems were: Agnipath, Caged Bird, Don’t Quit.

The purpose of reciting poems is that it helps you become aware of how you naturally pause and stress/prolongate certain words.

Discussion on Stress: Next we had a discussion on stress. We all shared one moment in the past week that stressed us. And then shared how we overcome stress. We also discussed some tips listed here:

Writing – practice & benefits: Two prompts were given.

  1. If you had unlimited resources what would you do?
  2. Write 10 things you are grateful for.

The first prompt helped us realize that we can discover new things, be creative, through writing.

The second prompt was the beginning on a Gratitude list that can be kept daily. Research has proven that keeping a gratitude list makes you happier.

Meditation: Awareness of breath and body sensations meditation.


How to overcome people’s judgement? I shared that I care what people thought about me, because I worry that people won’t like me. The root cause of this is because I didn’t like himself. Hence, I consider – How can I like myself? Qualities, values, achievements, Birth right of being a human born on this planet.. after I like myself, it doesn’t matter as much if people like me.

Secondly, I find that if I become less suspicious, and more trusting of people, I worry less what they think, and focus more on what I think about them – good things! This improves our relationship, and makes me more calm and relaxed.


Mumbai SHG meets on Sundays from 2:30-5 pm at YMCA Ghatkopar. 

Contact Nikhil Iyer (+91 98217 51773) or Sandesh Gawai (+91 81697 86139) if you want to join. Joining, and all meetings are, free! Fully run by caring volunteers.

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