Stammerers make good workers

Brochure for Employers
Brochure for Employers

Look beyond stammering

Most pws will stammer and struggle a lot during job interviews, because of the stress. This is not how they will be talking ever after on the job! So let a chance interview not be the defining moment for your future employee. This is not who really she or he is. Most pws are not nervous, unsure or socially inept. These are just stereotypes promoted by uncaring media.

Support SHG on premises

Most pws make good employees. Treat them fairly and wherever possible offer them reasonable accommodation. For example, let him make a written report in a critical meeting if he wants to; But if she has prepared well and wishes to make an oral presentation, do try and give them a chance. Encourage them to accept and talk upfront about stammering at work. If they wish to start a self help group on the premises, without impacting the work, encourage them to do so. Here are more ideas: http://www.westutter.org/assets/s_212.pdf

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