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First step should be to leave comments on blog posts, so that you become familiar with our content, style, tone and the interface. Next, you can write something, like “my story” or “my first day at SHG”- and send it for publication, to When three such write ups have been approved and published, you may request for direct author rights.

How to write a post


A good post is always about something you have done yourself (not what Rithik Roshan has done)! Leave philosophical writings for your later years ie. after you turn 50! A good post describes what you did, how it affected you, what does it mean to you- and then you may generalize to humanity: I felt so happy after stranger talk, because I have never done it before. Certainly I have never spoken to strangers about stammering. I am stammering more but I am feeling so relieved. May be other young pws will also benefit by doing a stranger talk?   (Action based writing)


You are welcome to write in any of the Indian languages (supported by html) as well as English. It should be understandable and socially acceptable. Even literary writing is welcome. But please do a proof reading before you submit it to us. A good principle of creative writing is to re-read your writing at least three times with a gap of few days. It helps improve not only the language but even the content many times.


Blog post should have at least one graphic, which should be tagged as “Featured image” (see the screen shot). The graphic should be less than 500 kb. It should display some relevant activity: A SHG meeting in progress;  Stranger talk; stammering Interview or you attempting something worthwhile – Giving a public speech, doing mimicry in a birthday party, bungy jumping, cycling at 5 am, learning Kuchipudi etc. You can embed your own youtube video. Acknowledge the source, if you are using others’ work.


Category is the inner mechanism of the website to decide which post should be displayed where (on front page for ex.). So try and use the existing categories. If you cant fit it in any, use “Uncategorised”. Someone in TISA will edit it for you in a day or two. Even uncategorised post will display fine on the BLOG page, dont worry. Here are the main categories for you to use:

My story -your experiences,
Hindi – any original writing or translation to Hindi
Upcoming event – SHG meetings, workshops etc. planned
Women who stammer – any write up about WWS or by them
Workshop – any learning activity under workshops anywhere or related to mooc
SHG- anything to do about SHG, a good session, what ever you learned, an interesting activity in SHG etc.

Tags, on the other hand, do not have any restriction. But try to use one of the existing tags. There are plenty.

Editorial Discretion

Tisa’s editorial team will make necessary edits or will request you to make suitable changes, if necessary. Their decision will be final.



Adding a post and roles

What are the various access levels?
And the nitty gritty of adding a post is discussed here at this page:

Adding a post

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