TISA Bootcamp held at Chakrata

The first of it’s kind Bootcamp was organized by TISA at Chakrata, near Vikasnagar. This was facilitated by Dr. Satyendra (Sachin) Srivastava. This week-long boot camp was focused on an inward journey- instead of stammering or communication. We had four meditation sessions daily plus two mindful walks in the mountains, to watch the sunrise and sunset. Mostly, we observed silence. We also explored the first three chapters of Karmayog, the commentary from Sw Vivekanand. The participants were people who stammer and had been in touch with TISA for some time. We are very grateful to SMTA for the beautiful campus and support of the board and lodge. Special thanks to Shri Chain Singh, Mrs Radha, Mr Bablu- and Himanshu of course!

Let’s hear it out from the participants in this video:


The accounts balance sheet for the entire event is available for perusal below:

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    Thank you, Harish, for the BIG help!!

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