What have we learned? – (हमने क्या सीखा?)

What have we learned? Experts on Change management in Industry believe that only “learning” organizations survive the rapid technological developments in the world today. Organizations which quickly read the signs (“on the wall”), spot the opportunity (“in the challenge”), and are comfortable with uncertainty, do the best in these times. TISA in its own small […]

Stammering in front of a 10 year old

Yesterday I went to a friend’s place where I met a 10-year-old kid. We started talking and he told me his name and school and which book he is currently reading. It was Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. I now experience that when I was talking to him, I was trying not to stammer. […]

Mind @ Pandemic

Who had imagined that this year would be like this? There was a astrology show in the start of the year, where astrologers said this is going to be a best wonderful year and people will be very happy and there will be lot of money with everyone. Actually this all happened. People are happy […]

Long Journey, Short Distance

  The Breaking Point   I still remember the day, It was a sunny afternoon. I went to a clinic and I wasn’t able to utter my name in front of the doctor, instead, I made many facial expressions in front of him. The doctor seems to have never seen a PWS in live, he […]

How am I improving my English writing skill?

I have been writing in Hindi since 1996 and my articles, poems, and stories have been published in different newspapers. Sometimes I received remuneration from newspapers for my publication. Similarly, I have been reading English newspapers for a long time. I think about a dream when my English write-up is published. Years come and go […]

Proposal for Amendment to the Right of Persons with Disabilities (RPwD) Act, 2016

The Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment issued a notification proposing an amendment to the Right of Persons with Disabilities (RPwD) Act, 2016, to decriminalise ‘minor offences for improving business sentiment and unclogging court processes’. The move has spurred protests by the community of people with disabilities, disability rights activist and organisations. What amendments […]

Random Thoughts ?

  Live in the moment Live in the moment, that’s all I can do The wise told when our soul leaves, it takes with it only the treasured moments The moment  it talks is the moment we are breathing. Live the moment and the moment will live with you. The present is most precious and […]

Communication Workshop at Bangalore on Jan 18, 19, 2020

Hi Team, Sachin is visiting us in January. Let’s have a communication workshop with Sachin on Jan 18, 19, 2020 As a self-help group, we have grown a lot in the last 2 years and those of us who do not know about Sachin – he is the one because of which TISA exists and […]

Jaipur(Rajasthan) shg meeting held today in Central Park

Like every Sunday’s SHG, today also we held a shg that has given us a wonderful experience. we were two participants there this time also both of us had seen each other for the first time. meeting started at reported time, step wise all activities were started, both of us were introducing meanwhile a group […]

A meeting at Batra Cinema on 28-Oct-19

We did generally all our meeting in same place as that place in middle of my home and Arun home and that place suitable for both of us. After meeting we did some general discussions as I was reading a book of “S-S-STAMMERING? : Easy ways to overcome fear & shame and speak well” book. […]

A meeting at ISBT Kashmiri Gate on 26-Oct-19

I am Shailender, Anand Patel and Arun Kumar decided to meet ISBT to do a fruitful meeting. This was new location for all of us for meeting. We all meet in ISBT meto station inside. Then we visited to Kashmiri Gate ISBT complex. Anand Patel was amaze to watch cleanness and ambience of ISBT as […]

Kolkata SHG meeting report 27/10/2019

23th October, I realised 27th, on Sunday is diwali, the glittering festival of india… Generally I have lot of work pressure on Saturday and Sunday… But this time I thaught lets conduct a shg meeting.. So I formed the super exciting agendas of the meeting with the help of ahmedabad shg member, Smit panchal and […]


Do you remember the last time that you broke your promise that you did to yourself? Many times? Sounds familiar? This can be like you may be stopping in the finish line. You never know. Being consistent is boring. Agree. But it has its own advantages. I will take an example of Cricket thro’ out […]

Bangalore SHG Buddy System

How would it be if you had an assistant who reminds you and ensures you complete a task? How would it be if a coach is always with you virtually ensuring you do your exercises regularly? Yes, not a joke. Now you can choose a buddy from the SHG who will ensure you will complete […]

NC 2019 : Financial Transparency

TISa 9th National Conference conducted successfully at Bhopal dated 27, 28 and 29 September, 2019. After NC here we are sharing the receipts and payment account as per our financial transparency policy. If you have any query feel free to contact us at tisanc2019@gmail.com TISA 9TH NATIONAL CONFERENCE BHOPAL (27th – 29th September, 2019) RECEIPTS […]

Bangalore SHG – October 13th 2019

Hi Folks, Karthik here. Yes, I am back to bug you with my writing. Just like every Sunday we had met, this week was a different plan a different version of it. All the special people in our Bangalore SHG gathered to cherish and learn from each other (Everyone in Bangalore SHG is special). This […]

My experience of organizing the National conference 2019 .

Hi all . I am M K harsh from bhopal madhya pradesh . First of all , i will take you all to bengaluru NC ,because the story of organizing bhopal NC is connected to bengaluru NC . Amit kushwaha sir ,on the last day of the bengaluru NC told me in the morning that […]

Financial Transparency of Communication Workshop with Our Near & Dear Ones

  Dear all, The Ahmedabad SHG had received 10,400₹ total workshop registration fees. Rupees 1,200 given back as a refund amount (Refund for, those who has paid registration fees and they could not attend communication workshop) After deducting refund amount, we had 9,200₹ due. Rupees 9,080 was total workshop expenditure, the remaining amount rupees 120 […]