National Conference 2021

It’s that time of the year when we all come together and get into a festive mood. Yes, our very own festival! It gives us immense pleasure to announce our 11th National Conference (2021). Given the prevailing situation of the pandemic, this year too, the National Conference will be a virtual (online) event. It’s going […]

TISA Organizes “Presentation Event”

                       “Tomorrow you will have to give a presentation” After hearing these words in our school/ colleges/ office, most of us feel like we are falling and cannot find our breath. Not even PWS but non-PWS have the fear of presentations. Presentations are important in […]

TISA organizes PPT presentation event in Mumbai and Nagpur SHG

Today we had an amazing session hosted by Vishal Mishal from Mumbai SHG. It was attended by Vishal, Rohil, Dhruv, Shreya, Mansi Mam, Mokshit, Allwin , Arun, Prasad, and yours truly. We began the session with an introduction. Then we had our presentation topics. Vishal started the session by speaking about Mucormycosis, about endemic, epidemic, […]

Advantages Of Being A PWS

I have been stammering since I was 5-6 years old, and every time I used to think that when will this curse get away from me. Being a PWS we all have our own haunted moments where we were not able to utter a single word and we were not able to understand the reason […]

My Experience At TOPG

Hi everyone I am Rohil Zalke from Nagpur, a chemical engineer by profession and currently preparing for my further education. Recently I joined the TISA Online Practise Group (TOPG) which ended on 17th March, 21 and as always I was not sure to register for it because I enquired about it with many people and […]

TISA Organizes Maharashtra Mega SHG Meet

This time we tried to host SHG at a different level. We decided to host SHG of all cities in Maharashtra at the same time. So we named it Maharashtra Mega SHG Meet. The host of this SHG was Nikhil Iyer and Rohil Zalke. This meet was attended by almost 15 people, the agenda of […]