Bengaluru SHG - 18th Sep

Bengaluru SHG – 18th Sep, 2022

The day was warm while the Sun was playing hide and seek with the Bengaluru cloud as usual. Vehicles were moving and People were jogging as usual. Beautiful Cubbon park was offering its greenery to all its visitor as usual. But at the heart of Cubbon park, there was nothing as usual. The big hut, […]

TISA initiates SHG in Mehsana (Gujarat)

The Indian Stammering Association has initiated a Self Help Group of People Who Stammer (PWS) in Mehsama (Gurajat) In our SHG, we have four members- Pradip Rajput- Unjha Vaibhava- Palanpur V P Chaudhary- Visnagar Dharambhai- Mehsana We regularly meet at Bindu Sarovar Siddhapur and according to the agenda, we do activities to improve and manage […]

TISA organizes North East SHG meet online

The Indian Stammering Association’s North East SHG has conducted the first online meet on 2nd April 2021. The meeting was hosted by me. There were around ten participants. It was a kind of ice-breaking session where every participant had to introduce themselves with the help of a certain technique. In the second round of the […]

TISA Organizes Maharashtra Mega SHG Meet

This time we tried to host SHG at a different level. We decided to host SHG of all cities in Maharashtra at the same time. So we named it Maharashtra Mega SHG Meet. The host of this SHG was Nikhil Iyer and Rohil Zalke. This meet was attended by almost 15 people, the agenda of […]

Virtual SHG meeting in Nagpur

TISA has organized its second virtual SHG meeting in Nagpur on February 27, 2021. The meet was attended by Nikhil Iyer, Harshal Ponde, Sagar Aware, and Rohil Zalke. The meeting was hosted by Rohil Zalke, and the agenda was as follows – 1) Introduction using any technique 2) Extempore speech 3) Talking about our hobbies […]

TISA organizes a SHG meeting in Nagpur

This was the brilliant session hosted by TISA SHG Nagpur. This TISA meeting is very well planned and perfectly executed. The meeting was organized in virtual mode. The meet was attended by Nikhil Iyer, Harsh Ponde, Bhushan Khandekar, Sagar, Pranay Chavhan, and Rohil Zalke. This meeting started with a brief introduction to the TISA group. […]

Pranayama & Meditation Session

Pranayama and Meditation session is organised by Soma Roy on 28 June from 7 AM to 8 AM. In this session, we focused on abdominal breathing, nadisundhi, bhramri followed by mindfulness meditation. People participated in this session – Soma (Host), Anita, Ashish, Deepak, Arpit, Dipanjan, Bhupendra, Iram, Nishil, Ankit, Sachin, Shilpa, Soumya, Srinivas, Tapan, Krishnenedu, […]

A Wonderful Hangout meeting

TISA recently organized a wonderful interactive three days’ communication workshop at Siliguri, West Bengal with an ambition to change the negative mindset towards stammering, boost inner confidence and assist in becoming a self-help person. For discussing the lifelong messages from the workshop, continuing the encouragement and practice of valuable speaking techniques, a successful TISA hangout […]

Fun, Productive and Interactive TISA SHG Meeting- Patna- 1 March 2020

Our Agenda – Member Introduction – Introduction of techniques – Story shared by every member (Where they shared how they tackle difficult situation, His feeling on stuttering) – 3 minute – Session by Anant (Recovered stammered) On Detailed discussion on stuttering strategies, smart strategies, Mental blocks. – Number telling game (Inspired by SILIGURI WORKSHOP) – […]

1st Assam SHG Meeting: 19th January, 2020

Kudos to Dipankar Gogoi, who took the first step in forming the Assam SHG group when he created the Assam SHG forum ( in 2016  . Thanks to Satyajit Barman, Diganta Deka and Dipankar Gogoi who took the initiative to form a whatapp group with the idea to connect with fellow pws(people who stammer) in […]

Mumbai SHG – Dec 15, 2019

Participants: Nikhil, Ishan,Saurabh,Rahim, Vishal, Dhruv Date: Sunday, Dec 15 Time: 2 – 4 pm Venue: Lakers Rotary Center, Powai Agenda: – Silence / relaxation through conscious slow breathing 🤱🏽(5 mins) – Change Game – meet & greet each other 1-1 and then change partners 🙏🏽(15 mins) – Energizer – bum game or naani paani […]

BLR SHG meeting (17 Nov 2019)

Attendees (L to R): Rahul, Joshua, Ravi, Sharad, Manish, Veershekhar, Vighneshwar, Anna Venue: Cubbon Park, near central library. Time: 10 AM to 1 PM Today’s Self Help Group (SHG) meeting was hosted Ravi. We began our meeting with self introduction, we introduced ourselves, spoke about our respective professional experience, our hobbies, association with TISA and […]

14-11-2019 (A meeting at India Gate with Afzal & Arun Kumar)

Afzal and Arun Kumar just completed the workshop with Sachin sir now they returned and doing frequently stranger talk meeting. This time Arun Kumar has some personal work with somewhere and Afzal also joined with Arun Kumar and they after work travel by metro and reached to Central Secretariat metro station that is adjacent to […]

BLR SHG meeting (10 Nov 2019)

Attendees: Anna, Ravi, Sudhanshu, Uttam, Naman, Dibya Ranjan, Veer Shekar, Vigneswar Venue: Cubbon Park, near central library. Time: 10 AM to 1 PM We started our meeting in our small hut with a pleasant weather at Cubbon park. We started our meet with introduction, we introduced ourselves, spoke about our respective professional experience, and answered […]

Delhi SHG Meeting 13/10/2019

आज रविवार के दिन सेंट्रल पार्क में दिल्ली SHG की मीटिंग हुई। सेंट्रल पार्क में सूरज की हल्की हल्की रोशनी और ठंडक ने मौसम बहुत ही सुहावना बनाया हुआ था। आज 18 लोगों आये हुए , SHG मीटिंग के लिहाज से अगर देखा जाए तो नंबर काफी अच्छा है, हमने इंट्रोडक्शन से स्टार्ट किया और […]