Long Journey, Short Distance

  The Breaking Point   I still remember the day, It was a sunny afternoon. I went to a clinic and I wasn’t able to utter my name in front of the doctor, instead, I made many facial expressions in front of him. The doctor seems to have never seen a PWS in live, he […]

The Inspirational Life Story of Manasi Kulkarni

As human beings, we often look obsessively towards famous and highly-celebrated individuals as sources of inspiration, while neglecting completely that we are often surrounded by worthy albeit unsung heroes all around us. In this vein, it is my pleasure to bring to light the story of Mrs Manasi Kulkarni.  At the age of 6, Mrs […]

Hosting a Hangout?

Asking a pws to host a hangout is somewhat like, asking a street cricketer to play International cricket! Madness, in one word! That is how many pws react when we suggest that they should host a hangout, after having attended some. The truth is, we would never ever challenge ourselves, unless forced into it. This […]

Battle No More

Hi. This is kundan. I am going to share some of my observations and thoughts about how I have been dealing with my stammering for almost whole of the last decade in my young life- I am 27; Yes about a decade ago, I came to know Dr. Satyendra sir aka sachin sir. Though I have […]

My Story

I have been watching with some interest, a new pws who has been organizing Google hangout frequently with great energy. Couple of times, I bobbed in and out of these hangouts. He was conducting these hangouts in a very organized way- giving everyone plenty of time, without turning it in a personal monologue. He was […]

Random Thoughts ?

  Live in the moment Live in the moment, that’s all I can do The wise told when our soul leaves, it takes with it only the treasured moments The moment  it talks is the moment we are breathing. Live the moment and the moment will live with you. The present is most precious and […]

A Warm Send Off

Mr Jai Prakash Sunda (fondly known as JP in TISA), a founder, a lifelong friend, will be leaving for Calgary (Canada) on 26th June 2020. TISA will be organizing an Online Meeting to give him a warm send-off. He will continue to be associated with us. Google meeting: 21st June (Sunday), 9 am. To join […]

I have a stammer

“Everything that does not kill you, definitely makes you strong” this quote by Friedrich Nietzsche helps me everyday to move on with a stammer. Stories help to inspire and change. I had read and heard many stories of people with struggles which helped and taught me in life. Here is my story about my journey […]

Story Behind the Comic

A Conversation with Mr.Daniele Rossi about the story behind his famous character Franky Banky and Comic Books. He also explained about his Ti-Ger analogy and his journey with stammering. He shared his views about acceptance and social challenges faced by a person who stammers.He explained what makes stuttering cool and the problems faced during Job […]

A wonderful learning

Hi I am Naresh Parihar joined TISA since 2017. 20 March 2020 was the unique day for me I went Herbertpur (Dehradun) which is the place known for ‘you are free to stammer, stammering is ok, now let’s talk with stammering without being worried more about stammering’. Actually I planned to stay there for days […]

My journey with acceptance

I joined TISA in 2010. After that I had attended some communication workshops, national conferences and get-together with PWS friends. At that time I had started a self help group meeting in Indore with Pramendra.  In February 2012 was the first time I came out of my comfort zone. We are 9 friends gone to […]

Solitude: Reflections

My first reaction was- Oh My God! Then, in a few days time, I became used to the comfortable pace of my life under the lockdown.  Initially I tried to learn this, practice that, listen to this or watch that – because I thought I have so much time and I must put it to […]

Change by doing 

Most of us watch motivational videos on YouTube and share inspiring quotes on Facebook, WhatsApp etc. People takes many decisions to fulfill their dreams. If we are observed this type activities carefully found that there is no any changes comes in our life. Days come and go but no reforms are seen in life. We […]

The rainy day, that couldn’t stop our play – A report

  Written By Alok Kundnani (PWS & TISA Volunteer, Delhi SHG) That was already a bad day for me as I had a lot of pending work to finish off. The awesome weather was the culprit. It was not letting me concentrate on my work. That afternoon, the sky turned red after a drizzle but […]

Lockdown : A new beginning

I have arrived Bhopal on 23nd March to leave my wife and three year old daughter in my laws home. On this day government announced the Janta carfue. Same evening announced 21 days full lockdown till 14th April I had felt very tense because no any chance to return my home town. All mode of […]

A Wonderful Hangout meeting

TISA recently organized a wonderful interactive three days’ communication workshop at Siliguri, West Bengal with an ambition to change the negative mindset towards stammering, boost inner confidence and assist in becoming a self-help person. For discussing the lifelong messages from the workshop, continuing the encouragement and practice of valuable speaking techniques, a successful TISA hangout […]

Post Traumatic Growth

I had come across this term a few days back while watching a positive Psychiatry video on Coursera. I had normally heard the opposite term: Post Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD). This was something new and unexpected: What good can one get out of the horrors of a terrorist attack or childhood abuse? You can only […]

Before and after Siliguri workshop

(Stranger talk during workshop)  I am Arun a software engineer by profession am from District Purulia of west bengal currently in TCS and obviously a PWS. Have been a member of TISA for last 1.5- 2 yrs with out being a active member or get involved myself with it activity until very recently. I will […]

To see Clearly

I just finished a ten day Vipassna in Rajasthan and thoroughly enjoyed it ( I also drove a bike – gixxer 155 – to and fro Churu!). Since Vipassna is all about experiencing first hand whatever there is to be realised (rather than talking about concepts), I will desist from saying more about it! You […]