What people who stutter (PWS) need in order to gain some control over their stutter may not always be therapy of some kind, but exposure! Yes, exposure to more and more scenarios and circumstances – Circumstances that could allow them to express themselves vocally and thereby inspire them to make little efforts to stride out of the cocoon they have carved out for themselves. This SHG event at Jaipur is one such occasion where PWS are offered an opportunity to mingle with fellow PWS, carry out enthralling social activities and learn (and unlearn) a thing or two about their stutter.

The Jaipur SHG Event is the first national-level occasion being organized in the year, scheduled to last three days from 22nd of September to 24th of September. The stay for the participants has been planned at <venue to be announced>. The event is going to be graced by the presence of TISA’s founder, Dr. Satyendra Srivastava, a social activist & a counselor himself. The participants can undeniably learn a thing or two from Dr. Srivastava not only about their stutter but also in general about this wonderful journey called life.

Dr. Srivastava has rightly been encouraging the expedition of such ‘get-togethers’ at regular intervals, apart from the yearly National Conference, wherein people from different walks of life and different parts of the country could come together, mingle among themselves, and hopefully leave with a broader vantage point to look at their stammering from. TISA has all been about emphasizing communication and not fluency, about emphasizing conviction and confidence in speech and not pompous oratory, about emphasizing ‘what you say’ and not about ‘how you say it’ – the ‘broader vantage point’, so to speak! This vision is manifested through the activities like Group Discussion and Public Talk in the agenda laid out for this event.

This event is undoubtedly going to help PWS like me who are not only on a hunt for a platform to express themselves wholeheartedly, but also for an opportune happenstance that could bring about a potential paradigm shift. I hope more and more people would turn up for this event in Jaipur and support Dr. Srivastava’s mission of helping PWS manage their stuttering. I’m also quite excited to keep you updated as this event progresses. Cheers!







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