My Story

I have been watching with some interest, a new pws who has been organizing Google hangout frequently with great energy. Couple of times, I bobbed in and out of these hangouts. He was conducting these hangouts in a very organized way- giving everyone plenty of time, without turning it in a personal monologue. He was […]

The rainy day, that couldn’t stop our play – A report

  Written By Alok Kundnani (PWS & TISA Volunteer, Delhi SHG) That was already a bad day for me as I had a lot of pending work to finish off. The awesome weather was the culprit. It was not letting me concentrate on my work. That afternoon, the sky turned red after a drizzle but […]

14-11-2019 (A meeting at India Gate with Afzal & Arun Kumar)

Afzal and Arun Kumar just completed the workshop with Sachin sir now they returned and doing frequently stranger talk meeting. This time Arun Kumar has some personal work with somewhere and Afzal also joined with Arun Kumar and they after work travel by metro and reached to Central Secretariat metro station that is adjacent to […]

An interactive session with students

21st Oct 2019, Herbertpur, Dehradun: Uttarakhand TISA group, conducted an awareness session for ‘Dip in Health Assistance (DHA)’ students in Herbertpu Christian Hospital today. Tisa was represented by Mohit, the group Coordinator, Sunil Nagila (who recently attended Bhopal NC), Sumit Srikoti- an old and active member; Jaideep, who is living with Autism and Sachin, a social […]

Sound of Silence

Stammering can be traumatizing. What goes through the mind of a person who stammers (PWS) when he is made fun of? What is it to be a “Person who Stammers”? Mounathin Satham (in English – Sound of Silence) is a Tamil short film that tries to portray a very important aspect of stammering- the Social […]

International Stammering Awareness Day (ISAD) | Ahmedabad SHG

   Watch stammering Awareness programme- Pradip’s review on ISAD- 22nd October is International Stammering Awareness Day and we at Ahmedabad SHG, TISA celebrated it a day before. Members who participated gathered at decided location in morning 6:45. Parimal Garden is blessed with wonderful nature and great atmosphere. After the arrival of everyone we started our first round […]

Communication workshop Chennai on 24-25 Nov 2018

Communication workshop Chennai After a successful completion of National Conference in Bengaluru, We are excited to announce a communication workshop in capital of Tamilnadu, Chennai. Chennai SHG is one of the oldest SHG in TISA. It was started with the  Manimaran sir in 2008 at the Marina beach. Since then, it has achieved many milestones. […]

Dr. Sachin on Red FM (ISAD)

On the occasion of International Stuttering Awareness day (22nd Oct), Red FM Bengaluru station featured our beloved mentor Dr. Sachin Srivastava. Do listen to this short 2 min feature, where Dr. Sachin talks about what is stammering and spreads the much needed awareness. Thanks Red FM Bengaluru for this opportunity to spread awareness on this […]

Delhi SHG meeting on ISAD 2018

Delhi SHG organize ISAD (International Stammering awareness Day) in India Gate in which I give time of 6 pm but only person ready to come. So we not cancel the meeting and we did meeting as on 22-Oct-2018 there were strike of petrol pump and CNG pump so its difficult to any one to reach […]

TISA Interacts with Students of Social Work

A contingent of 24 students of Masters of Social Work from Parul University , Vadodara, Gujrat is visiting Goa for their study tour. As a part of this, they are interacting with many non-profit organizations, NGOs, industries, resorts and other institutions to enrich their learning experience. As a part of this tour, today was the meeting […]

My Experience #6

Most of us suffer from pain of not speaking well and it is human nature that we think our problem is the biggest. But if we dare and look at outside world , 99% people have problems in their life .. some might be suffering from a disease which may allow him/her to live only […]

My experience #5

stammering… a word that haunts us day and night…. sometimes life seems so frustrating that we can’t think beyond stammering… happens and happens generally with all of us… infact we all suffer from fear of stucking in the middle of conversation…. or at best we can’t even say single word….Just poker mouth…wide and open… haahaa […]

More Than Silence | Stammering Documentary by Ananth Mohan | Ahmedabad SHG, TISA

More Than Silence A documentary film which narrates some interesting stories of some people who deals with stuttering (stammering) in their daily life.     Runtime: 22 minutes 35 seconds Film Language: English, Hindi Director– Ananth Mohan Writer– Ananth Mohan Producer– Ananth Mohan   Production photos: Anil sahu, Pratik sharma, Vivek puri, Harshil damor, Shailesh shah, Vipul […]

My experience #3

take any problem….let’s don’t take a problem….take a new skill…. can we master it overnight or over a small period..say 10 days…never so why we want to learn a fluent way of speech or better say – becoming a good communicator….. the grim reality is that we don’t accept our stammering,,,we just day dream that […]

1st Stammering Awareness Week – A Report

First of all, a hearty congratulations to everyone, for putting little efforts, that made the first Stammering Awareness Week a BIG success. The enthusiasm was great right from the day it was announced, and every SHG and volunteer was thinking of how he can create more awareness that week. That is the whole purpose- having […]

I’m a Fighter

My name is Rahul Rana and I’m PWS (severe) since I was 4. I went through many speech therapy sessions with no improvement at all. My school and college days were quiet and low profile due to my stammering problem. I wondered I could ever speak normal. Then I came to know about TISA founded […]

Stammering Awareness Week – Day 1 Contributions

What if I’m not a stammerer? What if I am not a stammerer? I feel lucky to be a stammerer. Life throws challenges on me everyday. Sometimes I cry, Sometimes I try, Even sometimes, I get fry. But what if I’m not a stammerer? My lifef will be boring. No one given strange expression when […]

A Few Quick Words

A Few Quick Words is an assortment of articles, speeches and memoirs that I have written over the years as one of 70 million people worldwide who stammer, a campaigner, and most recently co-founder of the UK Defence Stammering Network. My aim is to tell the 99% of you with fluent speech about the reality of […]

Announcing 1st TISA Stammering Awareness Week!

Dear Friends, Stammering Awareness is one of the core areas of TISA. If stammerers don’t talk about stammering, who will? In the view of above, TISA announces the Stammering Awareness Week. The TISA Stammering Awareness week will be celebrated every year from 13th April – 20th April. 13th April, because this is the day when […]