Stammering in front of a 10 year old

Yesterday I went to a friend’s place where I met a 10-year-old kid. We started talking and he told me his name and school and which book he is currently reading. It was Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. I now experience that when I was talking to him, I was trying not to stammer. […]

Bangalore SHG Report 16th December 2018

This was one of the best mornings of my life because this time we went one step ahead from our usual SHG routine and decided to visit an old age home. A kind of home for those old people who for some reasons cannot stay with their grown-up children or those who don’t have any […]

Communication workshop Chennai on 24-25 Nov 2018

Communication workshop Chennai After a successful completion of National Conference in Bengaluru, We are excited to announce a communication workshop in capital of Tamilnadu, Chennai. Chennai SHG is one of the oldest SHG in TISA. It was started with the  Manimaran sir in 2008 at the Marina beach. Since then, it has achieved many milestones. […]

Questionnaire in my company

Recently, thanks to my manager,  I has the opportunity to share my thoughts on stammering. Please find below. First of all, congratulations. You have overcome the social stigma associated with stammering through your perseverance. Tell us more about your journey. Thanks a lot Sangeetha for recognizing stammering and providing this opportunity. I hope this helps […]

Voice workshop day-2

It was the second day of the workshop. We gathered at the venue around 9 and proceeded with our activities. Before Break: We started with the hunter game. The rules were quite simple. One person will start the game, he will be the hunter. He will try to touch other participants. If he touches anyone, […]

Bangalore SHG Report 5 Aug 2018

After arriving at Cubbon Park pretty early, I waited for other members to join. In the meantime I called some of the contacts from PR list for updating them about upcoming NC. After a while Shubham arrived and we started discussing about various things on stammering. We spoke about  stammering with respect to family history, […]

Voice Workshop day-1

We, a bunch of stammers, did a voice workshop today. The objective of the workshop is to understand how voice works and what are the ways to modulate your voice to sound it as you want. This is very less related to stammering and mainly used in theaters. Instead of focusing on external factors like […]

Bangaore SHG report 29-07-2018

As every week, this meeting also started around 11AM. This is becoming our starting time. I also reached at 10:30 as I got late last night. Anyway, When I reached Anna was already there. We started talking about many things. When meeting started, we were four people. Nishil also joined in first activity. We started […]

Bangalore SHG report 22 July 2018

I  was a bit skeptical about this week’s SHG as I was not sure how many people will be joining. Gladly, till the meeting was over, we were seven people. Before the meeting, only me and Dev were there and we discussed about various topics. The meeting commenced at 11 O’clock. We started with our […]

Bangalore SHG announces “Make a Video and win prize”

As the time for conference is getting closer, Bangalore is getting ready to welcome the stutters to its wonderful weather and lush green environment. We are having lots of rain this year which is only due to good deeds done by Stutters. Bangalore SHG is very much eager and excited to host stutters from all […]

Bangalore SHG report 15 July 2018

This is a report after a long time. We had two new members in this week’s SHG. They came to know about TISA from Google. We are seeing many new faces now-a-days who come from Google. It shows that group is growing. Anyway, I got late to the meeting due to regularity of BMTC not […]

What 25 years of stammering has taught me?

This is my story. I have been stammering for a big deal of my life. In all this roller coaster journey, i have experienced many incidents which took my emotions to extreme. Some got the better of me and some I was able to master. Anyway, this has not gone all to waste. I have […]

Hosting an hangout session experience

I Attended a TISA stammering hangout session after a long time. I last joined when I was in my college and it seems that technology along with TISA have reached a lot of places which is not limited to cities or towns. It feels so good to be a part of such big association. Association […]

Bangalore SHG Meeting Report 19 Nov 2017

Each meeting comed with a different challenge; sometimes it’s less number of people and sometimes a lot of people, sometimes we all are old members but sometimes majority consists of new faces only. However, each meeting is in itself an opportunity to learn, to grow and explore what new can be added. This week’s SHG […]

Bangalore SHG Report 22 Oct 2017

Before I tell you what we did this week in the SHG, let me tell what we did a day before. Few weeks back, A guy named Ranji invited us for the play. It was a playback theatre in which what they do is to ask people about their life and then try to depict […]

Bangalore SHG Report 8 Oct 2017

Let me start by apologizing for late report. I got busy in life and couldn’t gather enough time for the report. Anyway better late than never. So let me start by admitting a feeling which came to me when i was starting from my home. I was going through whatsapp messages and in some message, […]

Bangalore SHG Report 1 Oct 2017

We were 5 people at the start of the SHG and later Manoj joined us immediately after first activity. This week, we had Karthik, Shiva, Manoj, Vinay (All after a long time), me and Sudhanshu. We started SHG with a simple introduction round in which we were to talk about our professional activities also. We […]

Bangalore SHG/Workshop Report 24 Sept 2017

I thought of starting this report by saying what an unusual SHG we had but when come to think, everything we do is not usual. This week’ SHG was more of a corporate training workshop rather than a stammering self help group. When I started from my place, I got message from Naman saying that […]