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Many a times this has happens and I am sure it has happened with you all as well, when we try to do something new, we try to do it right in the first time itself and for that we practice. We practice a lot and give our best to that. Last week, I tried my hands on story telling for the first time. In everything i know about myself, I know that I am not a good story teller. But in spite of being terrible at it, I tried to practice this slowly getting extinct art form. I had chosen two stories, first was “Khol do” by Manto and another was “Poos ki raat” by Premchand. I practiced the stories and visualized how i would be speaking it. It sounded good there where was no one to hear it. I was happy and excited.

It was planned to be done before our usual SHG meetings. It was supposed to start at 9 but due to unfortunate circumstances, the clock struck 10 by the time we could commence it. I started with the story of Manto. It went nice. In the moment I was telling the story I could find that it was not the same as the time i had practiced alone. I was unable to use voice modulation which seemed pretty easy with just my company. In some places the story got monotonous. We have recorded the whole video of the story also(I will upload later and notify everyone)  which i do not have with me but i do have a short clip. This story telling has made me realize one thing about myself. I do not want to watch the video. I have tried several times but each time I had closed it the moment it started being played  because i think I am afraid what I might find in that. This will be a daring for me when i will watch the video.

I could only tell one story due to the reason that it was time to start SHG and I did not want to waste time of people who specifically had come for SHG. Anyway, I never thanked people who had come for my storytelling. Here I want to thank Jonali(who was there before time) , Nishil and also Anam who missed her sleep for this. Special thanks to people came for SHG but had to listen to me for some time. 😛 And hearty gratitude for Animesh who created the group and gave us this chance. It got me closer to inner Shobhit who is sitting inside closed door for a long time.

Even though this was not a perfect storytelling, It was perfect for me. Even though I could not implement all I wanted, I am glad that I did it. I cannot wait for the next chance I get to do this……

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    (September 17, 2017 - 6:38 pm)

    You keep amazing me! Waiting for your video!

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