Storytelling by Shobhit

Fishbone Collective invites you to a storytelling session by Shobhit Singh on Sunday 10th September 9 AM onwards. The meeting place would be small hut(where the SHG meeting usually happens), Cubbon Park, Bangalore. Entry free. Please do come and get your friends too. Shobhit will be telling stories written by Munshi Premchand and Saadat Hasan Manto This storytelling is for adults only.     […]

Bangalore SHG Report 3 Sept 2017

Once again I got the chance to coordinate SHG after a gap of one week. Due to some commitment, I have to pass the torch to other SHG members for last week. This week again it was with me. Before SHG meet, we had our theater group activities, in which we were now reading a […]

Bangalore SHG Meeting report 20 Aug 2017

The commencement time of the meeting is 10AM but I reached Cubbon park at 9:20 only, just to admire the beauty of nature and dogs and people. On my way from corporation to hut, I met a butterfly and a drunkard. Butterfly flew away and drunkard stumbled on the path and lost his way. I […]

Bangalore SHG meet 13-08-2017

A day started well ends well is what they say about any normal day. For me it was like that because of the meeting I had with TISA Bengaluru SHG. It started little late because its Sunday and people generally feel lazy to get up and come to the venue. Once everyone came along it […]

Bangalore SHG report 25 June 2017

Cubbon Park, Bangalore Just coming to Cubbon Park every Sunday morning and breathing the fresh air has its own charm. Greenery, squirrels, pet dogs, park dogs, families, old people, young couple, artists, models, photographers, runners, what not.   Participants: Amarnath, Dinesh, Bharat, Sambhram, Shobhit, Suvadip (myself)   Today we had gathered under the big hut […]

Bangalore SHG Report 30 April 2017

Hi All, 30 April meeting was coordinated by Jonali. The meeting started with usual introductions. This time we had a new member in the group. His name was Vinayak. He is 10th standered student and he came to know about TISA by searching this on internet. He had come with his Parents. After Introduction, we […]

Bangalore SHG Report 26 December 2015

It had been very long, since I had last attended an SHG meeting and even longer since I had met Dinesh (our friend, philosopher and guide at SHG Bangalore). Last Sunday’s meeting started unusually very late i.e. around 11 am with the attendees being Shobhit, Pramod, Mansi , Mohit (IISc), Dinesh, me, Raman, Abhinav and […]

Bnagalore SHG Report 6 Nov. 2016

Hello Everyone, It becomes very nice atmosphere when experienced members of SHGs comes. Similar happened this week when we had Dinesh with us after a long time. This meeting started with a everyone sharing what they are doing with to improve their communicaton apart from coming ti SHG. I started that activity with sharing a […]

A day from the past

When I was in 9th standard, There was a story told by my class teacher. I remember the traces of it but will try to tell in my own words. The story goes like this…. There was once an old man who lived in a city. He lived in a very posh area. There lived […]