Hangout Feedback from Krishiv

How have hosting hangouts changed you? Confidence boosting: Hosting hangouts sessions at The Indian Stammering Association gives one the confidence in public speaking and leadership in front of an audience of 10-15 members.  Leadership: As a host, you are a leader who takes in charge of making sure our fellow PWS get an opportunity to […]

My 1st Amazing Conference

I’m Nasir Anwer from Dilli . I was already excited to attend the national conference and also meet the people who stammer . I am highly thankfully to the co-ordinator and other volunteers because of which I was sponsored for visiting the conference… 1st of all it is difficult for me to collect the gift […]


Some years ago, a young intelligent man came and spent some time with me at Herbertpur. He had a ‘M Tech’and a lot more degrees – plus some stammering issues too. He learned the basic concepts and stuttering modification skills with great enthusiasm and speed- and then went back. Few days later I received an […]

The rise of the Heroes..

Yesterday I went for the play – I reached the venue good 30 mins before the performance.. I had taken my wife and kids along.. only kids above 12 are allowed in plays. Anyways my kids were allowed! All is well and OK when our own people are involved in the logistics! 😉 Rashmi […]

A Review

  “APNA HATH JAGANNATH” I might have read this book number of times before writing down this piece of my personal journey. I came in contact with this book and SHG {Chandigarh} more than a year back. This time period has brought me in contact with many people who are working on their stutter and […]

Back from Sabbatical!

Congrats Harish! I am so happy that you have used – our old home! I am able to post on this blog, could browse the groups, the calendar… All the basics are there. Of course no website is perfect – including this one. We, the pws, are not perfect! Anyway big thanks to all […]

A day from the past

When I was in 9th standard, There was a story told by my class teacher. I remember the traces of it but will try to tell in my own words. The story goes like this…. There was once an old man who lived in a city. He lived in a very posh area. There lived […]

Goa NC feedback

Bhawna: Mann Ki Batein… Myself Bhavana Patil from Mumbai SHG. It was my first NC.I was nervous and tense about NC as I was knowing very few people from Mumbai only. But I after reaching Goa I felt a infinite comfort zone when Goa SHG people and other gave us warm welcome . Everyone was introducing […]