The rise of the Heroes..

Yesterday I went for the play –

I reached the venue good 30 mins before the performance..
I had taken my wife and kids along.. only kids above 12 are allowed in plays.
Anyways my kids were allowed! All is well and OK when our own people are involved in the logistics! 😉

Rashmi (Naman’s wife) greeted us and asked for the tickets, I had booked online, I ended up showing “Jagga Josoos”
booking ID instead of the “An evening with Stories!” Anyways that was sorted out.
All through I checked, she did her Job very well, thoroughly checking all the bookings that were done online!

As we moved past temporary ticket counter, was greeted by Animesh..
He gently reminded to take care of the kids during the play!

I was the first one to step in to the Hall – half an hour was left for the play.
I met everyone and then went outside to sip the “Tea” which was complimentary for the show.

The rains outside and Hot Adrak Chai was a very good combination.
After Tea when I went back, I saw Anupam immersed deep in meditation, Rajkumar was
moving on the stage reciting his lines.. Swarna was taking care of Nishils looks..
They all looked like on mission.

The hall was quite a cosy place, in the heart of the city,
with the seating capacity of 100, its an apt place for budding artistes to showcase their talent.
1 st show on Jul 26 was houseful – most the shg members had come on 26 with their friends.
I had gone on Jul 27, the hall was full with Strangers with a handful of common friends!!

Kavish started the proceedings.. he introduced the plays and the artists.
It seemed on Wednesday he did not use his name “Kavish” and on Thursday he was nudged by Animesh
to go for it and feel free to stammer on it.. He got stuck at the name.. And after 10/12 attempts he finally put it across.. This was the start.. it was start of the relentless pursuit that our friends set out..
they were out to get it done.. come what may..

As the plays unfolded, I was mesmerised by the writing and acting skills of the group.
There were 3 plays in total about 25 mins each..
During the play, every one of them had blocks at one point or the other.. the show went on..
There was no regret nor loss of any plot.. They Did it!

At the end of it, I was so glad that I had come to watch the Spectacle put-up by my friends.
I enjoyed it thorougly.. I met my Heroes.. Got inspired by them..

A Hero is not someone who does not have any limitations.
A Hero is someone who despite his/her limitation pulls it through..
And they did it in Ssstyle!


Warm Regards





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2 thoughts on “The rise of the Heroes..


    (July 29, 2017 - 12:02 pm)

    Yess, my HEROES, where are the videos? I am dying to have a peak… Dont tell me that you plain forgot about it.. :((


      (July 29, 2017 - 9:52 pm)

      Videos are recorded 🙂
      There is another show on Aug 13, post that the videos will be shared online with everyone!

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