TISA Organizes “Presentation Event”

                       “Tomorrow you will have to give a presentation” After hearing these words in our school/ colleges/ office, most of us feel like we are falling and cannot find our breath. Not even PWS but non-PWS have the fear of presentations. Presentations are important in […]

TISA organizes PPT presentation event in Mumbai and Nagpur SHG

Today we had an amazing session hosted by Vishal Mishal from Mumbai SHG. It was attended by Vishal, Rohil, Dhruv, Shreya, Mansi Mam, Mokshit, Allwin , Arun, Prasad, and yours truly. We began the session with an introduction. Then we had our presentation topics. Vishal started the session by speaking about Mucormycosis, about endemic, epidemic, […]

StutterFest! – हकलाहट के बंधन से मुक्त करता है तीसा

वल्र्ड स्टटरिंग नेटवर्क द्वारा 8 मई 2021 को “स्टटर फेस्ट 2021” नामक वर्चुअल कार्यक्रम का आयोजन किया गया। जूम ऐप पर आयोजित यह कार्यक्रम 20 घण्टे तक लगातार चलता रहा। इस दौरान विभिन्न देशों के संगठनों और व्यक्तियों ने हकलाहट के विषय में अपने विचार, अनुभव और किए जा रहे प्रयासों पर चर्चा की। कार्यक्रम […]


TOPG (Tisa online practice group): TISA conducted a two week online intensive practice group, focusing on use of techniques in different situations and developing communication skills through meaningful tasks (consumer survey, cold call, stammering interviews, Presentations, Ex-tempore, Hosting a hangout, cultural activities etc.).Out of 35+ participants, following individuals completed all tasks, and have successfully completed […]

Guwahati Workshop

  Workshop Report & Accounts TISA offers a one day free open session on stammering and recovery in Guwahati on 20th March, Saturday Venue: Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva Viswavidyalaya, Rupnagar Rd, Naamghar, Birubari, Guwahati, Assam 781007.     Map. Dr Satyendra Srivastava, a social worker, researcher and a recovered stammerer will answer your questions and share a few effective techniques. Registration […]


#MyFirstNC Share your Experiences of joining TISA National Conferences with others. Read details in the poster to know how to submit your entries. TISA National Conference ( 1st October to 5th October ) For more details visit – https://stammer.in/nc-2020/

Face The Fear ( Mock Interviews)

The interview is a stressful situation, even when you are very confident in your skills. One thing that is always same in every interview is the “Excellent communication”. We as PWS, often dread more as we have to prove our skill with the stammer. With this small initiative, we plan to get you to practice […]

Pranayama & Meditation Session

Pranayama and Meditation Session 28 June | 7 – 8 AM By – Soma Roy Will focus on abdominal breathing, nadisudhhi, bhramri followed by mindfulness meditation (Stammering – acceptance and work on it). Link to join the call – https://meet.google.com/dcf-qiqs-kis In case you have any problem in joining the session contact @7987006967 (Bhupendra)

International Yoga Day

Yoga means union. Yoga means union with God, or, union of the little, ego-self with the divine Self, the infinite Spirit. It is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Yoga is one of the six Āstika (orthodox) schools of Hindu philosophical traditions. The International Yoga day […]

Creativity Challenge

We are organising a competition: share what new or challenging thing you did / learned in the lockdown, as a brief write up or a video and share it with Amit Kushwaha (amitsk68@gmail.com) by 31st july. You will get a chance to present it during NC 2020 (in a live streaming session).

NC 2020

In view of the Covid situation, TISA plans to have a five day online NC. It will consist of streaming of live interviews, talent shows, Reading poems/ stories (adjudged by a group), screening of relevant movies/ documentaries, group discussions etc. etc. Tentative time September- October 2020. Keep checking back.

A Warm Send Off

Mr Jai Prakash Sunda (fondly known as JP in TISA), a founder, a lifelong friend, will be leaving for Calgary (Canada) on 26th June 2020. TISA will be organizing an Online Meeting to give him a warm send-off. He will continue to be associated with us. Google meeting: 21st June (Sunday), 9 am. To join […]

TISA meets Stefan – A 50mV initiative

TISA is collaborating with 50 Million Voices ( or 50mV, website: https://www.50millionvoices.org ), a UK based organisation (the name suggests to reach ~50 million people who stammer in the various workplaces across the world) that strives to raise awareness among employers about stammering. It has representatives from about 15 countries, who meet through hangout calls, once a month to […]

Siliguri Communication Workshop

Introduction Tisa organised this workshop in collaboration with Medica North Bengal Clinic (MNBC) in Siliguri for people who stammer (pws) on 14-16 Feb 2020. Participants 17 people who stammer from West Bengal, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh – ages ranging from 23-55 years. Three facilitators were from Dehradun (Satyendra), Gorakhpur (Manjulika) and Bhopal (Amit). Proceedings Day […]

TISA Seven Sisters Initiative I Communication Workshop in Silliguri 14, 15, 16 Feb. 2019 I Registration Open I

UPDATES: 18 participants have registered. Please hurry!  To promote self-help for people who stammer, in the North East region (“Seven sisters”) of India, TISA is conducting series of workshops in that region. First three day workshop cum get-together is planned at Siliguri (Medica Hospital) on 14,15,16 February 2020. You are welcome to register. People from […]

My 1st Amazing Conference

I’m Nasir Anwer from Dilli . I was already excited to attend the national conference and also meet the people who stammer . I am highly thankfully to the co-ordinator and other volunteers because of which I was sponsored for visiting the conference… 1st of all it is difficult for me to collect the gift […]