Bangalore SHG – October 13th 2019

Hi Folks, Karthik here. Yes, I am back to bug you with my writing. Just like every Sunday we had met, this week was a different plan a different version of it. All the special people in our Bangalore SHG gathered to cherish and learn from each other (Everyone in Bangalore SHG is special). This […]

Theory of our Deepest Fears

Everyone has fear about something or the other in their lives. When I recall, my greatest fear as a young teenager was public speaking. I feared all types of public speaking. It might be reading in front of the class, morning assembly speech, telling an answer in the class or just talking with a group […]

Bangalore SHG March 19, 2017 meeting report

We started our meeting with usual introduction round. In this Rohit explained how communication workshop has helped him to devise new strategies towards stammering. Making phone calls to strangers and practicing voluntary stammering in public places. This was followed by extempore round. This is aimed at improving ability to speak spontaneously and places a test […]


“Strength lies in difference not in similarities” Members: Abhinav, Bharath, Mansi, Pramod, Pratibha, Rahul, Rajesh, Rueben, Sharath, Shobit, Subhrojith, Subrat, Sudhansu and Tarunidhar Guests: Aparamita, Kranti, Kranti’s neighbour, Indira and Sandhya, Today I admit that writing a report for the majority times has been a ‘work’ to me. I am sure my perfectionist nature in […]

Bangalore SHG, May 22 2016 meeting report

Hard work and determination lead to success We are very familiar to aforesaid line. But actually it’s half true. When I postmortem the content, I found that it consists of two line. “Hard work and determination leads to failure, and failure leads to success.” I felt that thing in our last SHG meeting. We always […]


POEM RECITATION – BANGALORE SHG !!  Check the below link for videos of the poem recitation session held on 24th Jan 2016.I am sure there is a surprise waiting for us all …. They tell poetry cant be explained , but can only be admired ! Its the dance of words !! Do watch the […]


It’s the latest norm!! We are not just reaching double digits, we are not just happy with 10 people every week, week after week its full house! The small hut that we used for a long time looks abandoned and the bigger hut (that’s what we call that place!) is the place where we meet […]

Meeting the Angels..

On Jan17th, we set out to meet the Little Angels at the Ruva Foundation – A comfort home for kids.. Here is how the story unfolded.. Lost for words.. We met at Cubbon at 9am and started our Journey towards Ruva Foundation  Swarnalatha, Mansi and Pratibha did minute to minute planning! Girls lead from […]


Excited!!   That’s the word I would use to describe my feeling about attending “the Grand SHG “. It was to be grand and special in many ways. The new hosts of SHG, Soma and Teja shared the itinerary few days ahead to give some idea of what exactly is in store for newbie(s) like […]

BANGALORE SHG – 06 12 15

HI! After a long gap I attended the weekly SHG at Cubbon Park. As usual it was a cloudy breezy morning out there. (Ghost of depression is refuse to depart) Attendants : Soma – the coordinator, Pramod, Akash, Naman, Bharat, Sharath, Hari Krishna, Balaji, Anita and Ruben. Amongst them Balaji is the new entrant and […]

SHG 20th September Meet in Bangalore This is my second meeting with the SHG folks in Bangalore.  When you meet the people from SHG you invariably have the thought like “yeh log to mere jaise hai” (They are like me), and you find yourself settling into some kind of ease and the bond with the […]

BANGALORE SHG meeting report : 06 Sept , 2015 Yes , it was late ! Today we started the meeting at 10 30 , since I reached late to our usual place of meet in CUBBON PARK , BANGALORE. The always high-humidity, hot Bangalore surprisingly had a pleasant weather today ! Isn’t that why we […]

BANGALORE SHG meeting report : 30 Aug , 2015

In this meeting , the strength of people wasn’t much , around 7 people attended the meeting . We started with introduction round . Everyone told their names , profession and hobbies in the introduction round and introduction was supposed to be concluded with impromptu speech of time limit 3 minutes . I was the […]

The Venom-less Snake!!

From past 10 days, its been raining cats and dogs every evening in Bangalore and when it did not rain yesterday, I was bit concerned. Is the rain due for Sunday Morning instead? Luckily it did not happen, we had a clear, pleasant sky on Sunday Morning – Perfect start for the Big Day! About […]

Bangalore SHG – 21/09/2014

Posting on behalf of Anupam ———————————- Hi Team,         Today’s session was all about breaking patterns and challenging the unknown. We had sunny morning in Namma Bengaluru and the Pws turned up in good strength and showed high enthusiasm. Many people had come after long gap and usual gang was happy to have them. Two new […]

Bangalore SHG June 22, 2014 meeting report

As always , we met on Sunday the 22nd June in Cubbon park and bangalore is pleasant with cool weather on any given day. At first we had an introduction round. Not surprisingly we surpassed the double digits with 11 participants this time. It was a blend of new and old faces and the introduction […]

Bangalore SHG March 23, 2014 meetup report

Last week was awesome as usual. We met in Cubbonpark at 10:00 AM. I was a bit late to the session. When walking towards to same beautiful HUT, I was welcomed by the smiling faces of Dinesh, Abhinav, Sairam and Anna. The smile spoke everything about the discussion that was going on. They were speaking about […]

Bangalore SHG Feb 23, 2014 meeting report

Hi All, Here is report of 8th meeting of this year. Many of the things happen for first time and in this meeting we celebrated birthday of SHG member for first time. We celebrated Aruna’s birthday last year at her home. But this time it was official birthday celebration in SHG meeting Attendees – Sharath, […]

Bangalore SHG Jan 12, 2014 meeting report

This week’s session was very energizing. It was an event packed with good learning and good fun. Myself laughed to the core with people sharing recollecting their childhood events. Let me summarize this week’s event. I walked down to the hut where we used to conduct our weekly sessions. Dinesh, Anna, Sairam, Manoj, Akash and […]