TISA Bangalore Shg meeting: 10/09/23.

Note: The following is the report from the self-help meeting in Bangalore on  10th September. The report is from Vinayak, one of the participants. These self-help meetings happened across India- Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, etc. More information can be found on the TISA website. The joining details are at the end.

Participants: Labani, Vivek, Ajay, Sudhanshu, Asim, Vinayak, Naman, Pramod, Arjun, Rahul, Rythm, Tapan, Amarnath.

Guests: Ajay’s family(wife and children), Arjun’s little daughter, and a  fine Indo-Japanese lady also some curious on-lookers from time to time, not to miss the rather curious street dogs of Cubbon Park.

Bangalore, I say, is such a sweet city, the weather today was soothing to my senses. Rain the day before had perhaps set the ambiance for this blessed weather. As soon as I left my home I knew it was going to be a pleasant journey to Cubbon Park.

9:30 AM, I found myself in the big hut, seated among others. Labani being the host got the meeting started, with a very clear and concise agenda. We took turns to speak about our experience last week.

Vivek started first, a youngster, navigating his way through adulting and the anxieties of adulthood, shared about his new pursuit. The pursuit of Python Coding- Perhaps oblivious to some but deeply fulfilling for others. This pursuit he says, is him making the best use of his free time for a better job tomorrow. Python today, Job tomorrow.

I went next and spoke about my chance encounter with a speech therapist at a fast food shop. Internally, I feel, I am not speaking half as well as I can. Initially, my thoughts went all over the place, and took some speaking to organize the actual content. This lack of organization is perhaps the manifestation of the panic I feel while speaking. A mental note to myself, “Next meeting, take your time to organize your thoughts”

Sudhanshu, a very sincere and “No-Drama please” person, was very sweet and straight about his recent trip to Kashmir. If I had gone to Kashmir, I certainly couldn’t have held my excitement while expressing about the trip. He was calm, regulated, and spoke well.

Next up, Naman, a very straight-to-the-point and well-spoken man, spoke about a new movie he watched and explained very simply the concept of Supply chain. Promod went in next, a very determined and strong personality, and went on to explain in depth about the supply chain. Further, spoke about his recent biking adventures. Yes, he’s the biker of the gang. I saw a clear transference of effort from the physical act of speaking(manifesting as stuttering) to the mental act of thinking(Content), this man has really worked it out. He Inspired me to think clearly and then speak.

Arjun had brought his little daughter, and she was the most exuberant participant in this meeting for sure, cheering for everyone. Arjun spoke about his experience of attending the masterclass by Dr.Amit Bajaj and Dr.Sachin.Again, the focus, clarity, the composure in his speech were top-class. A very joyful face, and you hardly find him frown, Overall got a lot of positivity and learnings from his speech.

A New member Rhythm, has joined us, he really is falling into the rhythm of TISA-acceptance of who you are. He recently moved from West Bengal and is now working for TCS, his fighting spirit and character have brought him so far in life and I believe will continue to take him through life. Tapan-Da, Amartnath sir and Rahul were the latecomers and didn’t get a chance to speak here.

From left: Naman, Rythm, Sudhanshu, Pramod, Arjun, Asim, Ajay, Vivek, Rahul,
(seated) vinayak, fine indo-japnese lady,Labani,Amartnath,Tapan.

We had a prepared speech round next, I went first and spoke about ISRO’s moon missions. When I gave the same speech last week, Ajay sir told me to filter it out and give the same 15-minute speech in 4 minutes. A very difficult task for an excited nut like me, who loves to give gyaan.Asim gave a speech on loving oneself, another man who symbolizes a fighting spirit. Rahul spoke next about the power of mind and visualization. A well-researched speech and a clear-cut delivery.

Labani throughout was a good host, I love the effortless manner in which she does things. If I were in her shoes, I would make the same process into a complex hotchpotch and one big confusion. Well, what else can you expect from a lover of chaos theory and algorithmic complexities?

Ajay sir finally gave feedback to all the speakers. A very critical man, I must say, catches on to the smallest of errors. His feedback was very straight and to the point. Now this is a man, you can say, has really worked his thoughts out,  sorted in his head. I am sure others too benefited from his feedback. His family had joined us too, his wife and daughter shared about his journey. A proud moment for his family I suppose.

His wife spoke about how she didn’t like the fact that he stammers, and wanted to call off the marriage proposal. She said she thought ‘she deserved better’. But now she feels looking at his growth, that actually ‘he deserves better’. For a person to grow from the bottom up, is such a wave of inspiration both for people close to him and for society in general. His commitment, integrity, and dedication are just there all around him for those who can see.

I feel so good about this whole TISA and SHG concept. A bunch of people who are going through the same thing or have gone through the same pain come together and help each other while helping themselves. To appreciate the beauty of such a set-up it takes some sensitivity and comprehension of what an SHG is. I feel now, for the first time since I joined this group, that ” I don’t know if SHG is the right path, but it for sure will deliver me to a space free of the anxieties and the complexities of speaking.”

Pardon me for the rather lengthy outpouring of literature, can’t help it you see. Signing off…until next week…

-A report by Vinayak

Do you stammer or do you know anybody who does? and do you want to join such groups?

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