Bangalore stammering SHG – What was ailing it initially and how is it now?

Initial meetings The first meeting of Bangalore stammering SHG happened on 13-Sep-2009 and it went on till 11-Apr-2010 with at least a few participants. After this there was a meeting in which nobody turned, up other than me, and then there were no meetings for a long time. After a few months Karthk took the […]

Bangalore Meets

Saturday : Totally 5 members were there. Karthik, Dinesh, Sairam, pavan and chandan. We started by 9:30 and ended by 11:45. Not much happened this day, We had self introduction and we discussed various topics. Sunday : We started by 9:45 and ended by 11:50. The real day was this. But unfortunately people who promised […]

Banglore TISA SHG meeting 06 Feb?

Hi All, We hope to have some numbers to meet.. Even if it is not thr we can choose suitable place to meet…. Mostly meet will be @Cuboon Park. Expected Participants: 1. Arvind 2. Mukul Dua 3. Tanoy 4. Karthik Plz mail for confirmation guys ~Thks Tanoy Ph: 9880295467

Bangalore SHG meeting on 05-Sep-2010

Written by Karthik Rajagopalan Hi All,We met this Sunday in Cubbon Park. There were 3 persons in the group this time.> Karthik> Asish> Tanoy The meeting went on well, and we did Self Intro, slow reading exercise and watching some Love birds. We had a great time being with nature. The next meeting is scheduled […]

Bangalore SHG meeting on 28-Aug-2010

Written by Karthik Rajagopalan We restarted our meeting this Sunday. Myself and Ashish were there in the meeting. We both have decided to meet up on alternate days as well apart from Sundays, to compensate the missed classes. People, who could join us, are most welcome. The next class is scheduled on Tuesday morning at […]

Bangalore SHG meeting on 11-Apr-2010

Bangalore SHG met on 11-Apr-2010 after a gap of two weeks. The meeting had to be cancelled in the last two weeks due to non availability of the members. This week, I got the confirmation from Pramod, Aashish and Tanoy and I reached Cubbon Park by 10 AM. I was joined by Pramod by 10.15 […]

Bangalore SHG meeting on 21-Mar-2010

This meeting was attended by three people, I, Tanoy and Krishna. Krishna joined us late by around 11.30 AM and we had started our activities before that. We decided to synchronies the breathing and speech in which we speak after inhaling fully and exhaling a bit. We started with reading a passage and presenting the […]

Bangalore SHG meeting on 14-Mar-2010

Written by: Tanoy Bhattacharjee WOH!! I was attending TISA meet after a gap of one Month. The day started as usual and I reached the spot by 10.30am. Amith, Sudheendran and Karthik were eagerly waiting to kick start the meet. We had casual chat for about half-an-hour. Then, we started breathing exercise and were soon […]

Bangalore SHG meeting on 07-Mar-2010

This week, we were expecting a guest from Chennai, Chittibabu, who was in Bangalore on a short visit. I also received a message on the eve of the meeting from Aashish that he would be joining the meeting. He was a member of the Mumbai SHG and is now settled in Banaglore. Amith informed his […]

Feedback from Banglore

Here is a feedback about how Self help groups facilitate deeper change in individuals, received from Tanoy in Banglore: Holi was Ok..ok but Trek was excellent…Actually, I joined a trek group called ‘Bangalore Ascender’. It is also like TISA, where people of common interest come together and go for trekking across Karnataka. And TISA helped […]

Bangalore SHG meeting on 28-Feb-2010

I was attending the meeting after a gap of three weeks and reached Cubbon Park by 10 AM. Amith and Karthik 2 had informed their unavailability and a new person named Krishna called me the previous day to inform that he would be attending the meeting. I started to read the newspaper, I was carrying, […]

Bangalore SHG meeting on 21-Feb-2010

The meeting on 21-Feb-2010 was attended by Amith, Pramod and Vivek. A reporter from the magazine ‘Time out’ attended the meeting and there was a discussion of more than one hour. The article will be published in 2 or 3 weeks. The reporter left after taking some photographs. After this the participants went for a […]

Bangalore SHG meeting on 14-Feb-2010

Written by: Tanoy Battacharjee It was again a pleasant morning at Bangalore with the scent of love in the air. I told my friends that I would be going to Cubbon Park on Valentine’s Day morning for a meet, but they doubted my authenticity. Anyway, everyone reached on time as we had a meet planned […]

Bangalore SHG meeting on 07-Feb-2010

Written by: Tanoy Battacharjee A chilled morning waited for us once again. I reached the spot by 10.40 AM. Vinay had already arrived and was waiting for company. Soon, Amit also joined. Amit told no other member would be with us for the meeting. As our normal place was already occupied (as Sudhi was not […]

Bangalore SHG meeting on 31-Jan-2010

By the time I reached Cubbon Park, I received a call from Amith telling Manohar from Pune was in Bangalore and that he would be coming with him by 10.30. I went to the hut where we meet, but some people were sitting there. I also occupied a seat in the hut and began to […]

Bangalore SHG meeting on 17-Jan-2010

Written by: Tanoy BattacharjeeIt was a cold morning with cold breeze blowing in all direction. Sudheendran picked me up @ 9.30 and we reached Cubbon park by 10. Amith soon joined us and there were no more members. In this meeting we discussed about our profession, about what we do and about opting for a […]

Bangalore SHG meeting on 10-Jan-2010

I reached Cubbon Park by 10 AM. Karthik 1 had informed that he wouldn’t be coming. Tanoy contacted me in the morning and told that he also wouldn’t be coming. Amith had confirmed the participation in the morning. Soon after reaching the place I was joined by Vinay, Amith and Pramod. Amith informed us that […]

Bangalore SHG meeting on 03-Jan-2010

The first meeting of the Bangalore stammering SHG of the year 2010 was held on 03-Jan-2010 at Cubbon Park. As it was holiday time due to Christmas and New Year, I was expecting a low turnout. I reached the Park by 10 AM and went to the hut where we usually meet. Within a few […]

Acceptance? Bangalore 27-Dec-2009

Today, 27-Dec-2009, we had the stammering SHG meeting of Bangalore. During the course of the meeting, all of us spoke about a subject and one of the participants spoke about ‘Landmark education’ and accepting ourselves as we were. He told the people attending the landmark forum got breakthroughs for the problems of the life like […]