USE that phone!

Dear Reader This is to introduce a self help book from Dr Hiten Vyas, an IPWS based in UK. The book is brief, to the point, simply written and explains the NLP techniques step by step and very clearly. Many of you might be able to do it on their own OR in a self […]

हकलाने का डर

हकलाने ने हम में से बहुतो को  लंम्बे समय तक परेशान किया है या अब भी कर रहा है | हम में से कुछ लोगोँ को ये कभी कभी तथा कुछ को निरंतर तकलीफ देता रहता है | TISA (The Indian Stammering Association ) के साथ मेरे पिछले तीन सालोँ में अब मैं यह देख पा […]

Story Telling

How many of you have been told stories as children? How many children get to hear it today? When I was a child my sister, my parents and some friends use to tell me stories. I did not get to “watch” Ramayan- but was told the story by my father, over many exciting evenings. But […]

From a place known as Relapse..

“After I came back from Communication workshop, I felt in control. I was bouncing on non-feared words daily with strangers, sometime with friends and family members too. I was surprised that I was able to say even difficult words while talking to my friends. I was talking in class, outside, with friends everywhere- much more […]

Internalised mind, focused mind

Last few sundays- Nishant has been coming- alone. That gives us more time for 101 work out. Some meditation, some discussion, some counseling and lot of mental maths; last- because he is a salesman in a cloth shop and needs to be quicker with figures. Above- Nishant trying to focus his mind. A mind which […]

Self help groups and YOU!

Self help groups are quite in vogue in the west. In India, they are just picking up. People do not understand how SHGs can help in dealing with the problem of stammering- especially when they (SHGs) are not based on the premise of “Cure”. In spite of all the latest discoveries, which have been written […]

A Prince who stutters

My cousin brother Parlhad is here for his summer vacations. He is 14 years old, studying in 9th standard and he too stammers! (TOO ? who else stammers ?? I too stammer :-). He read Izabella ( link) and then both of us shared it with the whole family by bouncing and stammering beautifully and […]

Beyond (Dis)Fluency!!

As your perspective changes, so does your reality and the challenges existing in that reality. As a young boy who had a lot of negative labels attached to him, the biggest and most important hurdle in life seemed to be my STAMMERING! I kept on deferring living until I was FLUENT! After all no good […]

Brahma Vidya Testimony

Dear Friends, Today morning I got an e-mail from a lady in Bangalore- “Miss T” who did the Brahmavidya course a year ago. Following is an excerpt from her e-mail : I’m very happy to say I speak perfectly well and clearly. I love talking now. I stammer occasionally, which is hardly noticed. I’m very […]

A day with children..

I was in Anjanisain after a long gap. After rain, everything looked clean and beautiful in the mountains all around me. Had some time, so I spent it with (APV) school children. Showed them “Courage to speak” – a Canadian film about three children who stammer- one of them is Caroline, who decides to participate […]

What works, finally? AISH, YOGA !!

Ok, coming back to our topic about the turning point in my life. Well, that has to be the 1st speech therapy I attended at AISH (All India Speech and Hearing Institute). It’s a government run academy where speech pathologists and other speech related specialists get their degree from and as a part of their […]

The Glow

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Sometime back, while reading a book of essays by Buddhist teachers, I read something, which immediately rang a bell. The author was talking about a phenomena, which was common to many other cultural traditions and even to field of stammering. The phenomena is: when a seeker hits upon an early […]

Genesis of a SCAM

Scam is like a Ball room dance. Both partners anticipate each other’s moves and position themsleves accordingly, for the personal advantage. Blaming one party will be childish. Scammer and “scammed” glide on the polished floor in unison- to the game of outdoing each other! It has been seen that people who are looking out for […]

Confusion worse confounded !

Someone has sent me a sms: Sir, what can I do for hesitation I feel just before talking? I feel breathless etc…I am sure this person is not expecting a one hour discourse by way of help from me! He expects a quick and brief technique sms-ed to him. I dont think he would be […]

A wide angle view of therapy..

This is a report from Yahoo/IPWS: I’m really sorry to hear that sh—–. Even i had paid 5G to AH (don’t want to name the guy in Pune) for therapy, and saying that i was disappointed would be an understatement. I’ve attended speech therapy at various stages of my life, and the only benefit i […]