p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }a:link { } As the site meter rolls to 1,00,000 mark, I would like to look back and share some thoughts.First of all, I wish to thank ALL the contributors. All the READERS too! And all those who left behind a comment, even though it was “such a hassle”!Like any other […]

A Prince who stutters

My cousin brother Parlhad is here for his summer vacations. He is 14 years old, studying in 9th standard and he too stammers! (TOO ? who else stammers ?? I too stammer :-). He read Izabella ( link) and then both of us shared it with the whole family by bouncing and stammering beautifully and […]

My Quest for Fluency

Ever since I realized that I had disfluency in my speech, I have been craving to find fluency. And thus began an endless journey- a quest for fluency! The first time I was introduced to formal speech therapy was when I was 10. A relative recommended a speech therapist practicing at the Goa Medical College, […]

Its gonna be six months

Its gonna be six months since Sachin Sir told me, “If you can post once every week, I assure you, you will notice a sea change in yourself in six months!”. (on my blog) Today i stand , with openness about my stammer and facing my stammer. It has indeed literally been a sea change for […]

The Ice-breaker

Dear Friends,  Yesterday (16th November), I delivered my first speech (Project 1) in the Goa Toastmaster’s Club. It was followed with a pleasant surprise, because it was later announced that I was voted as the best speaker of the day! It gave me a great deal of confidence to start my Toastmaster’s career by having […]

Story of My Commitment

I had told Harish in our SHG meet that I would like to accompany him to the toastmaster’s meeting. I wanted to learn about public speaking and I had learned from TISA blog that toastmaster’s is a club which aims at excelling in public speaking skills. Here begins the story of my commitments. Commitments, which […]

Impossible… Is Nothing

Recently, I performed a mimicry item during the annual day function of my company. This was my first stage performance, and to my delight, I won the “Best Individual Performance” prize for this. A few years (even months) ago, I thought public speaking or performances for me were “IMPOSSIBLE”. Joining TISA has helped me achieve […]

Bird in the Cage

Years ago, during my college days, I was in a phase where my stammering ‘iceberg’ was growing deep down… Acceptance was unknown then. And writing did give me a vent. But writing about stammering upfront? That was something I couldn’t have ever imagined that time. So, I decided to pen down a poem, which symbolizes […]

I Performed a Mimicry Item

Today (12th Dec) was the annual picnic of our company. The event was held at a beach resort in Goa. But why am I talking about this here ? It’s because of one incident that I experienced here today, which I would like to share. The first thing good about this picnic was, I was […]

Please Do Ponder …

Today, I am going to share an experience, which I have faced in the past too, and which I am sure many PWS’s have faced in their lives at some juncture or the other. Today, I had to attend a freind’s wedding. Wedding means lots of people to meet and to face. Though it doesnt […]

Many Faces

Stammering has many faces. I met some of these in a recent meeting – and discovered that I had been through most of these phases in the evolution of a problem which essentially is based on perception, reaction and anticipation. For example there was X from Gwalior, in his thirties. Fluent -but too intense. His […]

Prem is getting Married!!

Prem represented us at Croatia International meet, some years ago. Good news: he is getting married on 5th Feb 2009. TISA family wishes him and his bride all the happiness in life..Feel free to wish him at 09291661129.