Pa..Pa.. Palghar. The day was friday. As a lawyer by profession I was excited since morning because of the weekend. I had already started to day dream two days of relaxing, sleeping, eating and doing nothing. The excitement was shortlived as I had to cross a valley of fire. No, not exactly fire but for […]

TISA Women Wing – Indian Women Who Stammer

What is a Self-Help Group? A Self-Help Group (or SHG) provides a safe environment in which we can discuss stammering. For many of us, our fear of stammering prevents us from speaking about the issue that most occupies our conscious and subconscious thoughts. Dealing with our stammering, managing it and eventually thriving in spite of […]

Self Help Meeting in Surat

Hi All, I am Akshay Rawal. I live in Surat, Gujarat and I coördinate the self-help group here. I would love to share about the last self-help meeting which took place on Sunday, April 1, 2018. In this meeting, five of us – Kudrat, Aveshesh, Satyam, Rohit and I gathered. In some time, Vipul also joined us. Vipul is one of […]

Stuttering – My experiments with fear

(Received from Dr Tejpal, Chandigarh) In a recently concluded National TISA Conference at Chandigarh, Anapana meditation was taught by Vipassana Teacher. Anapana meditation is a preliminary step of Vipassana meditation, which is widely practised by students in schools and by adults by jail staff and prisoners in many prisons all over India and abroad. Many […]

The Stuttering Hexagon – The Theory Behind Stuttering and How TISA Acceptance is linked to it

Hi, I am Suraj Kumar. I am 23 years old. I am an IIT Delhi graduate. To more about me, visit my page at The Stuttering Hexagon The Stuttering Hexagon is theory put forward by John. C. Harrison (look at Source below) to explain stammering. It is the most complete theory behind stammering as believed […]

My story..

p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; direction: ltr; line-height: 120%; text-align: left; widows: 2; orphans: 2; }a:link { color: rgb(5, 99, 193); } Hi everyone! Myself Prasannajit, an M.Tech student. I am writing this as a part of my acceptance towards stammering. My stammering started in childhood. Grandfather used to tell I acquired it by mimicking one […]

हकलाहट की स्वीकार्यता के 10 फायदे!

मैंने हकलाहट की स्वीकार्यता को एक व्यापक रूप में अपनाया है और महसूस किया है। इस दौरान मैंने पाया कि स्वीकार्यता सिर्फ हकलाहट ही नहीं, बल्कि जीवन की हर चुनौती का सहजता से सामना करने का मूलमंत्र है। अगर आपने स्वीकार्यता को पूर्ण रूप से और खुलकर अपना लिया, तो आपका जीवन सुखमय बना जाता […]

A little walk in the mountains

  p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; } As the alarm rang at 6.40 am, on this cold January morning, I did not want to get up for the planned hike. Then, I tried to visualize what a wonderful experience it would be – walking up the mountain, on a beautiful sunny winter morning! How […]

The interview

Another true incident: Hi guys!  I wanna share my experience. My technical interview started at 11 am. The interviewer was a kind man. First he asked me to introduce myself. I said my name fluently,  first time in my life I guess. Then I got stuck on my college name. The interviewer asked me are […]

One more prisoner escapes..

” HAYLEY Rawlings has always tried to hide her stammer. But after attending a youth conference in Holland and meeting other sufferers in the summer, she wants to shout out loud about it. ” Read

Acceptance and Commitment

We have received a link from Vivek (Pune). It is an interesting article. Here is the “soul” of it: “..The fact that all participants appeared to benefit from this study’s combination of treatment focused on speech management and treatment focused on acceptance of speaking differences also speaks to another important debate within the field of […]

Out with it…UPDATED

Today i tried a new stuff with my speech…..the basis of my trial was that the biggest fear that occupies me is that i will get entrapped into a big block and will not be able to speak at all. So, why not try it consciously?? Why not, with a stranger, I just go into […]

I was wrong!

When I was 18, I used to think that I will rather be dead at 50 because life of old men can be so tragic and painful! I am 54 now, and think that I am doing fine. In fact, sometimes I feel that quality of life has never been so good: free of impulses, […]

Delhi SHG Report of 12th May at Central Park Rajiv Chowk

Hello everyone, 🙂 here is the report..  Again it was a nice SHG Meeting this Sunday at our as-usual and divine place.. Central park, Rajiv Chowk We were 9 people gathered at the meeting… Sikander sir, Sandeep sir, Mayank, Ravi, Sumit, Anita, Md. Tahir, Praveen(new comer) and me(Vishal)  [ “The day is what you make […]

why do people laugh?

Yesterday, a young man (sensitive, well educated, regular guy) came for counselling. After some “blah blah theory” we went out for “practicals”. Something happened- interesting but really painful for the young man. I hope he is reading these lines. Names are not important- we are all same- under different labels- fearful and insecure. So, friend, […]