Chennai SHG Kick-Off Meet

Hello, I’m Vidya Jaishankar, and this is my first TISA SHG meeting. It’s a pleasure to recount this memorable event, which marks the revival of the Chennai SHG. The evening was warm in Chennai, with a rare forecast of slight rains, and the streets were bustling with people frequenting cafes and juice bars. ‘Chai Galli’, […]

Attended Dr.Martin Schwartz lecture at Chennai

Dear all, Myself along with Gnanasekaran, Ganesh and Karunyamurthy  have attended a lecture given by Dr.Martin Schwartz from USA at Ramachandra medical college, Chennai on 04.01.2014. He has given lecture on “Trigger of the stuttering” from 2 to 4 PM. Then 4 to 5 PM interaction by us with him along with faculty members and […]

Chennai SHG meeting Report held on 29.12.2013

Dear friends, The Chennai chapter meeting held on 29th Dec, were attended by the following 8 pws including 3 new ones.Chittibabu, Ganesh, Sufian, Hakkim, Vijayakumar(New), Baskar (New from Vellore), Balakrishnamurthy (New from Bangalore) and myself. In fact Balakrishnan who came from Bangalore stayed in Chennai for 3 days and Baskar from Vellore (140km from Chennai) […]

Chennai chapter meeting (30.06.2013) Report

The Chennai SHG meeting held on 30.06.2013 at Anna nagar Tower park were attended by 5 pws namely Gnanasekaran, Karthikeyan, Prabu Francin, Karunyamurthy and Manimaran. First of all thanks to Gnanasekaran who has organized this meeting. No formal introduction was required as we know very well each other’s. Before the commencement of meeting Gnanasekaran informed […]

Today’s Stuttering Quotes (12.05.2013)

LEARN TO COPE UP WITH TIME PRESSURE 1.Panic, tension, and an overwhelming urgency are the hallmarks of stuttering;they are what you must overcome. Totally resist any feelings of hurry and pressure. Let ’em wait. (J. D. Williams) 2.A basic feature of stuttering behavior is that the stutterer is under time pressure to a great extent. The stutterer […]

Today’s Stuttering Quote

You must be willing to endure temporary discomfort, perhaps even agony, for the long range improvement you desire. No one is promising you a rose garden. Why not take the time and effort now for a lifetime of freedom from your tangled tongue? How can you do this? Break down the global problem of stuttering […]

Today’s Stuttering Quote (26.04.2013)

A valuable precondition for a successful therapy is the deep inner conviction of the stutterer in the manageability of his disorder, combined with a fighting spirit and a readiness to undergo hardships and deprivations if needed— hopelessness, pessimism and passivity being the deadliest foes to self-improvement. (Freund).