Chennai SHG meeting Report held on 29.12.2013

Dear friends, The Chennai chapter meeting held on 29th Dec, were attended by the following 8 pws including 3 new ones.Chittibabu, Ganesh, Sufian, Hakkim, Vijayakumar(New), Baskar (New from Vellore), Balakrishnamurthy (New from Bangalore) and myself. In fact Balakrishnan who came from Bangalore stayed in Chennai for 3 days and Baskar from Vellore (140km from Chennai) […]

A courageous PWS may try this!

Joseph Sheehan(1918-1983) Joseph Green Sheehan was born May 27, 1918, Battle Creek, Michigan. Sheehan “overcame a severe stuttering handicap,” and “was a noted authority on speech.” He was an educator, clinical psychologist and author. He established the Psychology Speech Clinic at the University of California at Los Angeles in 1949 and directed it until the […]

Today’s Stuttering Quotes (14.05.2013)

BEHAVIOUR OF STUTTERING 1.Every stutterer will have some ups and downs and the course of improvement is seldom a smooth course. (Kamhi) 2.Despite progress there will be occasional days of poor talking for disorganizing stresses are sure to intervene. (Bluemel) 3.The central problem of treatment is not the difficulty of bringing about fluency, but the high probability […]

Today’s Stuttering Quotes (13.05.2013)

STUTTERER’S WRONG BELIEF 1.The stutterer believes that the most important communication in speech is to avoid stuttering at all costs. (Trotter) 2.What happens is this: The successful avoidance causes some anxiety reduction. Then, when a similar situation presents itself, the need to avoid is even stronger due to the preceding reinforcement. But now, no avoidance is possible. The conflict […]

Today’s Stuttering Quotes (11.05.2013)

FREELY ADMIT YOUR STUTTERING & DISICUSS YOUR PROBLEMS 1.Many stutterers learn that their greatest enemies are fear and tension.(Aten) 2.No problem is solved by denying its existence. (Brown) 3.Whenever you have an opportunity to discuss your stuttering with someone,do it! (La Porte) 4.This involves telling friends and colleagues that you are a stutterer working on your […]

Today’s Stuttering Quote (26.04.2013)

A valuable precondition for a successful therapy is the deep inner conviction of the stutterer in the manageability of his disorder, combined with a fighting spirit and a readiness to undergo hardships and deprivations if needed— hopelessness, pessimism and passivity being the deadliest foes to self-improvement. (Freund).