Pa..Pa.. Palghar. The day was friday. As a lawyer by profession I was excited since morning because of the weekend. I had already started to day dream two days of relaxing, sleeping, eating and doing nothing. The excitement was shortlived as I had to cross a valley of fire. No, not exactly fire but for […]

News – Chennai SHG Center Visit – South Zone Meetup April 5th and 6th

The best take away from Chennai SHG Chapter is Head Movements technique, Yoga with acupuncture and acupressure methods and Manimaran ji’s classes on stammering and his selfless service to PWS. You are only expected to be attentive in classes and and rest all Manimaran ji and Ganesh ji will take care right from excellent food […]

Attended Dr.Martin Schwartz lecture at Chennai

Dear all, Myself along with Gnanasekaran, Ganesh and Karunyamurthy  have attended a lecture given by Dr.Martin Schwartz from USA at Ramachandra medical college, Chennai on 04.01.2014. He has given lecture on “Trigger of the stuttering” from 2 to 4 PM. Then 4 to 5 PM interaction by us with him along with faculty members and […]

Today’s Stuttering Quotes (15.05.2013)

STUTTER VOLUNTARILY 1.Your fear of stuttering is based largely on your shame and hatred of it. The fear is also based on playing the phony role of pretending your stuttering does not exist. (Sheehan) 2.When the stutterer does voluntary stuttering, he can say to himself, “I am doing the thing I fear. Also I realize that I can change […]

Today’s Stuttering Quotes (14.05.2013)

BEHAVIOUR OF STUTTERING 1.Every stutterer will have some ups and downs and the course of improvement is seldom a smooth course. (Kamhi) 2.Despite progress there will be occasional days of poor talking for disorganizing stresses are sure to intervene. (Bluemel) 3.The central problem of treatment is not the difficulty of bringing about fluency, but the high probability […]

Today’s Stuttering Quotes (11.05.2013)

FREELY ADMIT YOUR STUTTERING & DISICUSS YOUR PROBLEMS 1.Many stutterers learn that their greatest enemies are fear and tension.(Aten) 2.No problem is solved by denying its existence. (Brown) 3.Whenever you have an opportunity to discuss your stuttering with someone,do it! (La Porte) 4.This involves telling friends and colleagues that you are a stutterer working on your […]

Today’s Stuttering Quotes (08.05.2013)

ESTABLISH GOOD EYE CONTACT 1.Establish eye contact before you begin to speak. Two or three seconds of quiet eye contact can get you off to a better start. (Sheehan) 2.Try to maintain eye contact with your listeners. Looking away severs the communication link with your audience and convinces them that you are ashamed and disgusted with the way […]

Today’s Stuttering Quote

You must be willing to endure temporary discomfort, perhaps even agony, for the long range improvement you desire. No one is promising you a rose garden. Why not take the time and effort now for a lifetime of freedom from your tangled tongue? How can you do this? Break down the global problem of stuttering […]

Life is a Gift

Today before you think of saying an unkind word-think of someone who can’t speak.Before you complain about the taste of your food-think of someone who has nothing to eat.Before you complain about your husband or wife-think of someone who is crying out to God for a companion.Today before you complain about life-think of someone who […]