Today’s Stuttering Quotes (15.05.2013)


1.Your fear of stuttering is based largely on your shame and hatred of it. The fear is also based on playing the phony role of pretending your stuttering does not exist. (Sheehan)

2.When the stutterer does voluntary stuttering, he can say to himself, “I am doing the thing I fear. Also I realize that I can change my speech; I can tell my speech mechanism what to do.” (Gregory)

3.Deliberately stutter! Yes, stutter on purpose in as many situations as possible, but stutter in a different way. (La Porte)

4.Even if he feels beforehand that he can speak without stuttering, the stutterer is encouraged to pretend or fake stuttering—but to do so in a way different from his usual manner of stuttering. (Barbara)


1.One means of satisfying the fear of stuttering is to stutter voluntarily on non-feared words in all kinds of situations. This has the effect of helping you reduce the pressure that you feel when you try to avoid stuttering, and of enabling you to handle your speech more effectively. (Sheehan)

2.We took Patricia out into a variety of public situations and demonstrated that we could fake stuttering without becoming upset. Gradually she was able to do this herself, first with us along, and then alone…. In this part of the treatment we saw significant changes in Patricia’s attitudes. She seemed to be seeking out stuttering instead of avoiding it. (Guitar-Peters)

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    (May 15, 2013 - 5:51 pm)

    thanks mani sir ..this quote worked as wake up call for me…from past few months i was avoiding stammering n trying to hide it(in some situation ) as a result my stammer increased ,so from today it self i am going to fellow Barbara quote, n will post experience about it. thanks

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